The Daily Telegraph: The keys to becoming influential in your industry

Michelle provides her comments in this article for The Daily Telegraph on how to become influential in the workplace. Michelle says it’s important that workers understand how they are seen by others. Read on. 

Workplace expert and author of Step Up: How to Build Your Influence at Work Michelle Gibbings said it was important workers understood how they were seen by others.

“All the time, you are managing your brand and reputation,” she said.

“If you have a good brand, it’s far easier to have traction and get things done.”

Ms Gibbings also recommended workers dedicate time to their networks.

“People who have influence have relationships at all levels, know who the decision makers are, understand how those relationships work and build constructive relationships there,” she said.

“They have people they can go to for advice and guidance.”

Michelle Gibbings

Michelle Gibbings recommended building up networks to gain influence.




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