Daily Mail: From air traffic controllers to miners: The jobs with salaries over $100k that you DON'T need a university degree for - and how to secure them - Michelle Gibbings

In this article, the Daily Mail Australia spoke to Michelle for her advice on the jobs with salaries over $100k that you DON’T need a university degree for – and how to secure them.

As the global economy continues to produce low wages growth, many workers are suffering from stagnant salaries and have little prospect of finding more lucrative work.

One of the chief obstacles to breaking out of a career rut is the need for tertiary degrees to advance up the workplace ladder.

While the path is often blocked to those without university qualifications, there are exceptions, with high-paying jobs on offer in a number of industries.

Career experts Sue Ellson and Michelle Gibbings identified the jobs paying more than $100,000 a year, where workers can rise through the ranks toward the top pay grade without needing a university degree.

‘Most people incorrectly assume that you need a university degree to land a high paying job – there are lots of careers where you can progress without one,’ Ms Gibbings said, with the caveat that some of these roles require industry accreditation or on-the-job training.

Construction managers, air traffic controllers, miners and power plant operators all earn in excess of $100,000 annually without the need for a bachelors degree.

The average take-home pay for an air-traffic controller is $134,000. Jobs in the mining and construction industry also offer six-figure sums, with moderately experienced mine workers securing $117,000 per year and site managers earning a median of $111,000.

Meanwhile, power plant operators can earn up to $100,000.

‘High paying jobs will usually go to the people who can deliver the value and enterprise needs,’ Ms Ellson added.

‘I often notice that people start their resume with educational background first. While formal university education can demonstrate that a person can apply themselves to study, it does not always demonstrate their vocational ability.’

What jobs can earn you in excess of $100k without a degree?

  • Power plant operator – $100,000
  • Procurement manager – $105,000
  • Construction manager – $111,000
  • Experienced miner – $117,000
  • IT manager – $120,000
  • Air traffic controller – $134,000