Institute of Managers and Leaders: How to get better at saying ‘no’ at work and why it matters

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Thanks to Institute of Managers and Leaders, in this article Michelle explains why getting better at saying no at work matters. When it comes to the ingredients for career success, people are often encouraged to think that they should say ‘yes’ to every opportunity or piece of work that comes their way. Always saying ‘yes’ […]

SmartCompany: Why workplace wellness plans are a critical part of post-COVID business culture

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Organisations can’t operate successfully without a healthy and thriving workforce. Thanks to SmartCompany, in this article Michelle discusses why caring for your team members is so important.  The pandemic brought new workplace challenges to the fore, while employee concerns about mounting workloads, constant change and expectations about always being contactable outside work continue to rise. […]

Being quiet won’t help you

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We love a good trend. Last year, apparently, Australians were following the American trend, and the Great Resignation was coming to our shores. It turns out that was a bit of a furphy, and Australians didn’t ditch their jobs on mass and move to new careers or organisations. The latest trend is ‘quiet quitting’, to which attention was […]

Business in Colour: Influence Up

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Thanks to Sadhana Smiles and Div Pillay for this great conversation on the Business in Colour podcast as Michelle discusses how we make assumptions based on past experiences on how things should be, and stereotype views we may have. Michelle also reflects on her own personal experience around this.  Michelle Gibbings is an author of […]

Mortgage Professional Magazine: Why friendships are important at work

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Thanks to Mortgage Professional Magazine, Michelle explains why workplace friendships are important.  Organisations often talk about culture but rarely consider the role friendships play in creating a healthy, dynamic and productive work environment. Continue reading. Time, the precious gift we waste each day

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We all know that time is finite, and once it passes by you can’t get it back. Thanks to for the opportunity for Michelle to share her thoughts. During the COVID-19 enforced lockdowns we discovered the benefits of a slower pace. Yet a typical lament is that there is never enough time in the […]

The New Daily: Yes, you can give your boss feedback

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Thanks to The New Daily and Senior Reporter, Kate Jones, Michelle provides her insights on how you can give your boss feedback.  Employees have long been accustomed to receiving feedback from their bosses. But what if the tables were turned and workers could critique their employers? Only one in four of business leaders and line […]

Do you know who’s watching?

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It’s hard to be bored when there is always so much to watch and learn from people around you. People watching is a fascinating past-time. Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne from the University of Massachusetts Amherst has even developed a handy guide to help you make the most of your people-watching. Using psychology as the foundation, she suggests […]

HR Leader: How to help your people through times of great change

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The CSIRO’s recently released report, Our Future World, highlights the seven megatrends that will likely transform how we work, play and live. It’s a stark reminder that change is all around us, and is continual. Thanks to HR Leader, in this article Michelle explains how you can help your people through times of great change. […]

IIDM: Why Friendships Are Important At Work

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Thanks to the International Institute of Directors and Managers (IIDM), Michelle shares her thoughts on why work friendships are important. Organisations often talk about culture but rarely consider the role that friendships play in creating a healthy, dynamic and productive work environment. Some leaders believe that if a work environment is too collegiate, people will […]