HR Leader: Why you should be promoting sustainable, emotional, and ethical leadership

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Thanks to Jack Campbell and HR Leader, Michelle was invited to share her insights on the promotion of sustainable, emotional, and ethical leadership. Creating a healthy workplace begins with leadership, and fostering leaders who are sustainable, emotional, and ethical can help a business to thrive. Sustainability is quickly becoming a key concern for employees, and […]

Leader’s Digest: Upskilling the Team? Don’t Do it Alone

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Thanks to Leader’s Digest, Michelle shares strategies for engaging your team in future-ready capability building.  You don’t have to look too far to see reports about how technology is changing the nature of work, with a consequential impact on the skills and capabilities we need now and in the future. Continue reading.  

Herald Sun: When to pick a side

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Thanks to Lauren Ahwan and the Herald Sun for the opportunity for Michelle to share her thoughts on taking on a second job and the points to consider before doing so.  Bosses are cracking down on questionable side hustles as more Aussies look to additional income streams to help make ends meet. Continue reading.

Are You Picking up the Trash?

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Watching the TV series Mr. Bates vs The Post Office is one of those times where I had to pinch myself because it’s hard to fathom that what happened not only occurred but remained unaddressed for so long. The TV show is a four-part ITV drama series that chronicles the real-life scandal involving the British Post Office, […]

The Eight Signs Your Team isn’t a Team

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If there’s a show about dancing, then it’s always on my ‘watch’ list, so I was excited when Dance Life was released. It chronicles the real-life experiences of dancers going through their final year at Sydney’s Brent Street dance school. The sheer talent of the dancers is breathtaking, but what impresses me is the teamwork. They rely […]

Bite Magazine: Workplace flexibility

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Thanks to John Burfitt and Bite Magazine for inviting Michelle to share her insights on workplace flexibility, for open conversations between employers and employees to identify what flexibility means to each individual and how to set clear parameters that align with business requirements. Workplace flexibility has emerged as a key expectation of employees in the […]