Make the last quarter matter

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There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a strange year, filled with many things none of us expected, and yet once again, time is flying by. It won’t be long before Christmas and the summer holidays are upon us. So as the final quarter of the year is underway, how do you make the most […]

Perspective-taking and curiosity – a winning combination

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You may have been told as a child that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and that you need to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes’. While having a dead cat and wearing someone else’s shoes are not immediately appealing, on closer reflection, you will find the benefits. Ok so stick with me here, and apologies to […]

Harvard Business Review: Become a Better, Stronger, and More Confident Negotiator

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In this article for Harvard Business Review, Michelle provides tips and guidance on how to improve your negotiating skills to be the best you can be. You’re already good at negotiating. You practice it every day, both at home and at school or work — whether it’s figuring out with your teammate who will write […]

When going for perfect hinders progress

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In a celebrity-obsessed world and where people’s lives play out on social media, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can have it all, and then put enormous pressure on yourself trying to get it. The myth of the so-called ‘perfect life’ can lead to unhealthy comparisons and feeling like […]

Business Woman Media: 5 ways to prepare yourself for the future of work

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Published in Business Woman Media, in this article, Michelle suggests five ways to prepare for the future of work. In times of economic uncertainty, it can be comforting to seek a recession-proof job. The sad reality, however, is that all jobs are prone to change and open to economic impact. Currently, tourism, retail, professional services […]

The unexpected benefits of the detour

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In the Lewis Carrol book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice follows the White Rabbit and falls down a rabbit hole, which is the start of a series of adventures. If you recall the story, you’ll know that at one point she comes across the Cheshire Cat in the woods and inquires:       “Would […]

Inside Small Business: Want better output? Then focus on the safety of your team

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Michelle provides four points in how to get better output from your team, in this article for Inside Small Business. When leaders think about ways to motivate their team, safety isn’t something that would typically top the list of considerations, and yet it plays a crucial role. People want to work in an environment where […]

CEO Magazine: Hidden leadership traps that threaten long term success

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In this article for CEO Magazine, Michelle explains the five traps that could trip up your long term success as a leader. Executives are often seen as strong leaders who have it all together as they take on a company’s responsibilities and pave the way for long term success. Michelle Gibbings says that the road […]

Finding the next chapter in an uncertain time

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It’s currently a challenging time for many people on the job front, and with that comes the inevitable line of thinking that it’s not a good time to shift careers. While you may not want to switch careers immediately, it’s never a bad time to reflect on where you are at and to start thinking, […]

News Ltd: How side-hustlers are making the most of online businesses ideas during COVID-19 lockdown

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In this article for News Ltd, Michelle was invited to offer her thoughts about how side hustles can turn a profit for you during the COVID-19 lockdown. Michelle Gibbings said most side hustles had an online element and entrepreneurs should ensure what they offered was in demand as “there may not be a market there”. […]