Australian Career Practitioner: Guarding your brand on social media

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In this article published in Australian Career Practitioner, Michelle explains the importance of protecting your brand on social media. Posting your personal life on a private Facebook or Instagram page will impact how you are seen professionally. When five Federal election candidates were dumped for offensive social media posts it was a timely reminder of […]

When time goes too fast

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All around me people are commenting about how fast the year has gone with the wondering ‘What happened to February?’. Of course, we all logically know that time can’t go faster; it just feels like it is going faster. A friend once suggested that this was due to age. Her logic being that when you […]

psnews: Make a list: Checking off your career milestones

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Checklists are normal parts of surgical procedures and airline maintenance, but Michelle Gibbings believes they are also crucial to career development. Michelle explains why in this article from psnews. If you’ve ever been to hospital and had surgery you’ll remember that as you get wheeled into the operating theatre there are a series of checks that […]

Five questions to wrap up

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If you are scratching your head and wondering what happened to 2019 then you can take comfort in the fact you are not alone. It often feels like time is going by faster. While logic tells you that’s not possible, it’s very possible for the days to go by quickly with little time to pause, […]

Spark Magazine: Leverage skills from all ages

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In this article Michelle wrote for the Dec ’19 edition of Spark Magazine, she explains how important it is equip your workforce with skills and experience that will take you through this ever changing environment.   As organisations grapple with more complex decisions and an ever-increasing pace of change, building a workforce equipped with the […]

How much do you want it?

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Last weekend, I went to my garden to harvest what I thought would be a great bunch of carrots. Having never grown carrots before I was curious to see what I would find. It wasn’t pretty. A few were about the size of my thumb nail. Another couple looked like they had been eaten from […]

Reflect don’t ruminate

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We all have them – those days when things don’t go according to plan. It can be a presentation that didn’t land well. A missed meeting. A conversation that went off the rails. A session where you know you are not on your game. When you confront these situations you have two choices – reflect […]