Who is making up your mind for you?

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Consider this scenario… You’ve just been appointed to a new leadership position and you are excited about the opportunity, looking forward to meeting the new team and relishing the chance to demonstrate your value by making changes and getting progress underway. At this point, there’s one unexpected thing that can derail your progress, which may […]

Ten things you can do to make a ‘bad day’ better

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Bad days. Crap days. Days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, or wish you hadn’t.  We all have them, as they are a fundamental ingredient of life. Think about it for a minute: if every day you had was great you’d never truly appreciate those great days.  You’d likely take them for […]

Struggling to make progress? Find your routine

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I was chatting to my Personal Trainer last week about the drop-out rate for gym memberships. About 70% of people who sign up for an annual membership turn up in week one. It then drops to 50% in week two and 30% in week three. After only three weeks, around 70% of people are paying for another […]

How to stay the course when it gets tough

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With every new project, idea or development you aim to get off the ground, there will be challenges. It’s easy to get excited about something that’s new. We get swept up in the initial enthusiasm for the benefits the change will bring. But as the work starts, the reality hits. Challenges arise. Unexpected hurdles get […]