Progress isn’t a one-way street


The word ‘progress’ commonly means to ‘move forward’ or ‘advance’. Its definition implies that progress is always a forward action. But progress isn’t that simple. It comes in many shapes and sizes. And it’s certainly not a one-way street. Why? Because strangely enough when you feel like you are going backwards you may well be making […]

Why not knowing the answer is a sign of leadership

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People often think that being a leader means needing to know more than others and having all the answers. When you cast your mind back through history, great leaders were distinguished by the fact that they usually made wise decisions.   This doesn’t mean all their decisions were wise, but on balance their decisions had good […]

Uncertainty – friend or foe?

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Our brain loves certainty.  It makes us feel good.  It’s comforting to feel that we have all the answers and know precisely what to do. The challenge is that as the world gets more, not less complex we need to become more comfortable with uncertainty. This can be hard.  As leaders you feel as though […]

Be Selfish – Help others to help yourself

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When you think of someone who is selfish, what immediately comes to mind?  Is it someone who is self-centred and only focused on their needs, to the exclusion of others? Or is it someone who helps others? You wouldn’t normally equate helping others with selfishness.   Particularly when you provide help altruistically and are not expecting […]