Ten tips for finding your way forward

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It’s been an eventful start to 2020, and no doubt there’s more to come. Navigating your way through the increasing complexity and finding ways to rise and stay strong when things don’t go your way is critical. There is much in life we can’t predict and control, but there is also much in life we […]

Is your learning mantra just rhetoric?

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There are hundreds of quotes and sayings about the importance and value of learning. We hear phrases like learning culture, fail fast, and learn your way ahead, as well as processes such as agile that are based on a learning mantra. It can be easy to talk about the importance of learning, but are you […]

What’s on your learning hit list for summer?


The upcoming Christmas holidays are a great time to catch up on the learning you haven’t had the chance to do during the busy-ness of the working year. It’s also a good opportunity to think about the health of your learning. That is, how much learning are you consuming and what’s the nature of that […]

Who’s your source?

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We live in a world of abundance. Abundance of ideas, data and information. The challenge is there is so much we can be overwhelmed. As the noted economist and Nobel Prize winner, Herbert Simon said we are living in a world with a “wealth of information”, which is creating “a poverty of attention”. He’s right. […]

It’s time to fall in love … with learning

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When was the last time you proactively decided to learn something new?  Last week? Last month?  Last year?  Or is it so long ago that you can’t remember? I’m not talking about something your organisation paid for you to do, or a course they sent you on.  I am referring to learning that you decided […]

What’s on your Summer reading list this year?

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With summer officially just around the corner it’s a great time to consider what books you want to read over your summer holiday. I am one of those readers who tends to have a couple of books on the go at the same time; one which is purely for pleasure and one that’s good for […]

Is it time to go outside your comfort zone?


When was the last time you did something that truly took you outside your comfort zone? It feels good to be comfortable.  We feel relaxed, unpressured and more certain. But getting comfortable can be dangerous.  When we’re too comfortable we stop learning and growing.  Once this happens we’re one step closer to being left behind […]

It’s time for your annual stocktake

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If, like me, you are wondering where the year went and how it’s possible that it’s only a week until Christmas, now’s a great time to stop and reflect on 2016. At this point in the year it can be easy to wish the days away as you are on countdown to completing everything that […]

Do you own your mistakes?


Everybody makes mistakes.  We are all human and making mistakes and occasionally ‘stuffing up’ is part of the human condition. There’s no doubt a lot of learning can be derived from understanding why an error has occurred.  Consequently, there’s accepted wisdom that making mistakes is good for us. However, this notion can create a false […]

5 reasons why curiosity is good for you


Curiosity – it’s a simple concept in many respects. And yet it is something we find harder to do as we get older. It’s almost as though it is abandoned for the comfort and safety of wanting to have all the answers. We stop questioning. We base decisions on assumptions, hunches and past experience. We stop seeing exploration […]