Ultra106five: Pivoting Careers post Covid 19

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In this podcast, Michelle is interviewed by Dave from Weekend Wondering from Ultra106Five radio. Here they look at pivoting careers, post Covid-19. With the May unemployment figures showing that 44 per cent of COVID-19 job losses hit Australians aged under 25, now more than ever taking charge of your career is essential. Melbourne workplace expert […]

What to do when the idea escapes you?


Recently, Collective Campus, an innovation consulting company, released a report into the 20 most innovative companies on the ASX 200.  At the top of the list you’ll find Seek, REA Group, CSL, Domino and Xero. As reported in the AFR*, which quoted Steve Glaveski, the company’s co-founder and chief executive, “Australia boasts too much ‘innovation theatre’, with […]

Innovation is not limited to just “creative” people

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When you think about innovation, what comes to mind?  The iPhone? Driverless cars? Or do you think of things that were once considered innovative, such as the humble toaster? Innovation is all around us and comes in all shapes and sizes. However innovation isn’t just about products. It relates to ideas, methods and processes. It can be […]