Do you have a personal training regime for change?

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When you decide to compete in a sporting event or run a marathon would you just turn up on the day and start? Or would you do some training, reflect on your progress during the preparation and ensure that you were ready to tackle the challenge? While people will put in different levels of effort, […]

It’s time for your annual stocktake

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If, like me, you are wondering where the year went and how it’s possible that it’s only a week until Christmas, now’s a great time to stop and reflect on 2016. At this point in the year it can be easy to wish the days away as you are on countdown to completing everything that […]

Lifelong learning – why it’s a differentiator for successful change

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We all know that we are living in an ever changing world, and that the pace of change is getting faster. To thrive, you need to adapt, and to adapt you need to be willing to learn new things. Everyone learns differently, but one element that is common is that people learn better the more […]