Are you forgetting something?

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If you’ve ever been to hospital and had surgery you’ll remember that as you get wheeled into the operating theatre there are a series of checks that occur. The orderly or nurse will ask your name, what procedure you are having, and whether you are allergic to anything. Once you are under, they’ll use checklists […]

Are you saying yes too often?

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Have you ever had a time when you said ‘yes’, and then seconds later got the feeling of dread and regret as you thought to yourself  ‘Why did I just agree to that?” It can be easy to say ‘yes’.  It saves explaining why you don’t want to do something, you worry about letting someone […]

What’s the intent of your question?

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As a child growing up I was one of those very annoying kids who asked questions all the time. The question often started with why. ‘Why this?’, ‘Why now?’, ‘Why do I need to..?”, and the list could go on. In some cases, the question was based on natural curiosity. At other times, the question […]

Are you a taker, faker or maker?

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Throughout your career you will come across people who are easy to work and those less so. Those who will enable your progress, and those who will hinder it. People who will inspire you, and those who will drag you down. It is often when you experience unexpected career changes or challenges at work that […]

Are you too quick to judge?

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When we meet someone for the first time, we very quickly make an assessment as to whether we like them, trust them, want to work with them or want to do business with them. This assessment is made on a raft of factors. Many of which are quite superficial. It might be a glance, their […]

Are you being too nice?

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When you think of someone who is nice what characteristics spring to mind? Perhaps it’s someone who is helpful, kind, generous and thoughtful. They are usually positive traits. However, as a leader if you are always seeking to be nice it can cause problems, particularly if the motivating drive behind your ‘niceness’ is a desire […]

The Upside of Bad Days


You miss an important meeting. Your plane is cancelled. You lose a key document when your computer crashes. You miss out on a major deal. The list could go on. Bad days. The day when nothing seems to go to plan. We all have them. When you think about it for a moment, there’s an […]

Ten tips to help you make better decisions


By the time you read this article it’s likely you’ll have already made hundreds of decisions, with varying levels of effort, consequences and anticipated rewards from the decision. You make decisions every day – in both your personal and working life. They can be as simple as what time a meeting should start, or as […]

Are you minding the gap?


If you’ve been to London and travelled on the tube you’ll remember the frequent reminders to ‘mind the gap’ between the platform and the tracks. As I’ve been travelling around London recently, this message has been playing on my mind, but in a different context. We are often reminded to look after ourselves in a […]

Are you searching for too much similarity?

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It’s natural to want to work with people you like and find easy to work with, and consequently when you are building a team or forming work groups you often seek out such people. This is either done consciously or subconsciously. In the case of recruitment, for example, search criteria often specifically reference the desire […]