The power of being seen and heard

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One of the most powerful human needs is that of being seen and heard. We all want to feel valued, important and that we matter at various times. This is something that marketers try to tap into all the time, as they strive to personalise marketing offers in a way that resonates with us. For […]

What could happen if you changed the lens?


People watching is one of my favourite pastimes because the world is full of amazing situations, people and places. On this occasion, I was fascinated with the very loud conversation a person was having at a café with a friend. They were annoyed. In fact, very annoyed because someone at work had let them down. […]

It really is just one foot in front of the other

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Recently I was on a retreat with a fabulous bunch of women. One of the things we were encouraged to do was to go beyond what we normally feel comfortable doing. Now of course when that’s on the agenda you know there’s going to be something a little terrifying and adrenalin charged. For us, it […]

How to challenge your perspective of ‘you’

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Recently I started watching the Netflix series, The Crown, which if you haven’t watched before is a historical drama series centring around the life of Queen Elizabeth II. There’s no doubt that many aspects are dramatiSed to make it good TV watching. Regardless it provides an interesting and alternative perspective on their life and what […]

What does brand YOU look like?

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Just as companies have a brand, so too do people. It can feel a bit odd thinking of yourself as a brand, but in a work context it’s really important to have clarity on how people see you. Seth Godin talks about how a company brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships […]

Have you got a feast or famine mindset at work?

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In a highly competitive work environment, people often act as though there’s not enough Resources, Rewards or Recognition to go around. Operating with a famine mindset, people jealously guard their access to the three Rs because they see them as crucial to career success. The more resources you have the easier it is to get […]

Why uncomfortable conversations are good for you


Uncomfortable conversations aren’t fun. They’re the conversations you often put off until the last minute, and anticipate with dread. And yet, being able to have them is an essential part of effective leadership and a hallmark of a successful career. Shying away from these conversations may appear on the surface to be the easy option, […]

Is short-termism destroying your stakeholder relationships?

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People often assume that good relationships should be easy. In reality all great relationships require effort. Establishing and maintaining great relationships with stakeholders requires consistent energy and focus. But are you driving the right amount of energy and deploying the right type of focus? It’s hard to know the answer to that question if you don’t […]