Seven ways to turbocharge your real estate career

Getting real satisfaction from your career means learning the skills and know-how to let you love what you do.

Kate Jones from Domain wrote an insightful article discussing seven steps that will help turbocharge your career. I shared my personal experience and knowledge throughout the article.

Getting real satisfaction from your job means learning the skills and know-how to let you love what you do.

Follow these seven steps to turbocharge your career:

Tread the boards

A large part of being an agent is perfecting your presentation.

So when Barry Plant’s Mark Di Giulio needed to polish his skills, he hired a drama teacher.

“It was someone who was completely impartial, and they really perfected my mannerisms, my eye contact, my speech, my pace, my modulation in my voice,” he says.

Ask, and you shall receive

Want to do less paperwork? Spend more time following up potential sales?

Try asking your boss, Michelle Gibbings, author of Step Up: How to build your influence at work, says.

“In your career, you will be surprised what can happen if you just ask for it,” she says. “Don’t be intimidated by power or rank.”

It’s not about you

Stay focused on the client and not your commission. Vendors are canny and will quickly notice any hints of greed, arrogance, or worse, desperation.

Start by taking the role of problem-solver, Tanja Jones, mindset and leadership coach, says.

“See yourself as a problem-solver and help them get the best result in the least amount of time, with the least amount of suffering and the most amount of fun,” she says.

Drop dud mentors

Learning from an experienced and successful agent is lesson 101 in real estate.

However, if you find yourself with a dud, the only way forward is to go shopping for a better one, Di Giulio, winner of the Real Estate Institute of Australia’s 2015 residential salesperson of the year title, says.

“If you’re in a position where you’re not getting the skill set that you feel that you need to be able to get you to the goals you want to achieve, you’ve got to move; it’s very simple,” he says.

Take a risk

Getting too comfortable in real estate can cause complacency. Take a deep breath and step well outside your comfort zone.

“Often the best career steps you can make will have an element of fear attached with them,” Gibbings says.

“So, for example, if you’re in residential sales and don’t think commercial is for you, try it.”

Review weekly

Most agents review their performance monthly, which is not often enough to be proactive, Jones says.

“You want to be measuring your performance weekly so you can adjust your action taking and make sure you can track the performance of your prospecting activities, so you know where you’re getting your expressions of interest from,” she says.

Know why you’re there

Ask yourself why you’re in real estate. If the answer is money alone, you face little chance of building rapport with clients.

International real estate coach Tom Ferry describes these agents as having “commission breath”.

Find new motivators or find a new career.

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