AFR Work & Careers Newsletter: Tip of the Week - Michelle Gibbings

Thank to Tess Bennett (Work & Careers reporter for AFR),  Michelle provides her ‘Tip of the Week’ in the Work & Careers newsletter (brought to you in partnership with SEEK).

Set your intentions for the year

Identifying goals can help workers make career progress by prioritising what’s most important, says workplace expert Michelle Gibbings.

“Now’s the perfect time to set your intentions. For example, how do you want to show up and lead this year? How do you want to integrate your career and family aspirations better? How will you work, lead and live more purposefully?”

She recommends asking yourself three questions:

  • What will you leave behind in 2021 because it isn’t helping you or those around you?
  • What will you take forward into 2022?
  • What new habits will you acquire?

“Next, commit your intentions and focus areas to paper. It is no longer a thought bubble and harder to ignore when it’s written down,” she says.

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