Are you an entitled leader?

We often hear stories about celebrities and their ridiculous demands. Whether it’s $900 titanium drinking straws, specific types of candles and flowers, rooms painted in certain colours or unusual food requests. Whether some of these requests are true or not, they make good fodder for the tabloids. We can see examples of entitlement across society. It’s a person […]

Where do you source your best ideas?

Sometimes ideas come quickly, and other times they can seem harder to find. Sometimes it can feel like there are too many ideas, and other times, not enough. At other times, ideas can feel like they have escaped you. In her book, Big Magic, writer, Elizabeth Gilbert, characterises ideas as having ‘consciousness’ and ‘will’. To her, […]

How conscious is your impact?

When you’re a leader, a casual remark, an off-hand comment, or a request can have more impact than you think or perhaps even intend. Many years ago, a colleague recounted an incident that is a stark illustration of this. A group of employees was in a room often used for client and staff events. The […]

Who are you under (or over) estimating?

In the binge-worthy Netflix TV series, Anatomy of a Scandal, you watch how the relationships between the characters unfold as a politician’s affair unravels and plays out in the press. One of the lead female characters, Sophie Whitehouse, is the politician’s wife. She is trying to figure out what’s happened and the reality of her husband’s […]

When was the last time you changed your mind?

Many years ago, I worked with someone who constantly changed their mind, making working for them exceptionally difficult. While they were a nice person, they never seemed to know what they wanted. Everything required multiple iterations and lots of dead ends. It resulted in loads of wasted time and energy. Worst of all, I never […]

Ultra 106five: Supercharge your career

Workplace expert Michelle Gibbings joins Dave from Ultra 106five to talk a Supercharged Career. Michelle and Dave discuss: How to ensure your social media accounts don’t derail your career The art of negotiating salary during a job interview An insiders tips on getting a payrise 6 ways to reinvent and supercharge your career How to […]

How to make the exit a good one

  People joining and leaving teams and organisations is a regular part of the working world. Often, there is a focus on ensuring a person’s entry to the organisation is seamless and welcoming. Yet, a person’s exit isn’t given the same level of care and attention. When a valued employee leaves an organisation to work […]

Never enough? Contentment is the answer

In Anthony De Mello’s beautiful book, The Song of the Bird, he tells the tale of the contented fisherman and a wealthy industrialist. The industrialist is horrified to find the fisherman lying beside his boat and not working. “Why aren’t you out fishing,” he asks. “Because I have caught enough fish for this day”, comes the reply. The […]

What’s your part?

When your working relationship with your boss is challenging, it’s easy to lay the blame at their feet. Perhaps you have judged them to be ineffective, unethical, power-hungry, a bully, a narcissist, a perfectionist, a micro-managing control freak, or some other not so lovely adjective that defines how you see them. They may be all […]