How to find out what’s really going on

  It can be challenging when you discover that the person in your team whom you self-assessed as the star performer is letting their team down when it comes to leading. I confronted this same situation in one of my corporate roles. I had hired someone for a role, and from what I could see, […]

Ten warning signs of bad leadership in your team

It can be challenging as a leader to self-diagnose areas where you can do better. At times, it can be even harder to accurately assess the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the leaders in your team. Sometimes, senior leaders miss what’s going on. Why? The leader in your team might be adept at managing up, and […]

What rules do you need to break?

I was chatting with a musician recently about how he learned to play jazz. He told me that one of the most complicated aspects is that your playing gets worse as you learn more technical skills before you get better. He explained how one of the critical parts of successful jazz playing is improvisation, but […]

What are you chasing?

It’s been one of those days where your working day doesn’t seem to work anymore. It may be because your boss is getting increasingly difficult. Perhaps your colleagues are driving you nuts, or you are just bored and ready for something else. When you reach this point, you’ll often get the well-intentioned but not so […]

Are you pulling in the right direction?

In recent weeks I’ve noticed the pace of life picking back up, and I’ve felt myself resisting the pullback to the pre-COVID life where there was always too much to do. Too many places to be. Too many things to try and squeeze into one day. As a friend commented recently, “During COVID lockdowns, where […]

Are you part of the drama?

As the latest series of Married at First Sight unfolds on the TV, you may be like me and scratching your head and wondering why anyone would subject themselves to it (either participating or watching). There’s no doubt it’s good drama with a heady mix of emotions, gossip and intrigue. Like other productions of a similar genre, […]

Are you on the right treadmill?

People often talk about happiness as though it’s a commodity – something to buy, seek out and ultimately secure. This searching for happiness becomes the focal point, shunning feelings of unhappiness or anything that doesn’t make them happy. It’s true that happiness matters, but it’s more complicated than just searching for happiness in personal and professional […]