What’s tripping you up?

To say that 2020 has been an unusual year feels like an understatement. On the upside, it’s been an opportunity to challenge ideas about how things should and could be done. As someone who used to travel almost every week, I was surprised how much work could quickly move online. And yes, I do miss […]

Leading with your head and heart

Leadership and decision making go hand in hand, and as technology changes how we live and work and the rate of change accelerates, the nature of those decisions and how to lead can appear more complex and challenging. However, when you ask employees what they want from their leaders the answers are relatively consistent, and […]

Influence is a team pursuit

Former Chief of Staff of the US Army, General Eric Shinseki, once remarked: “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” We all know we are living in a changing world, where your ability to progress is often dictated by your response to change (initiated by others), as well as your […]

What goes up, will come down

When I was growing up a family friend gave me two pieces of career advice: be likeable and never forget that what goes up will come down. The first piece of advice was given in the context of going for my first job. Their suggestion was that to secure the role it was essential to ensure the […]

Is there a place for anger?

Anger. It’s an emotive word and an emotional feeling. It’s an emotion that arouses action. When thinking about someone who is angry what springs to mind? A person who shouts, lashes out at others or is generally disagreeable? Or do you think about someone who is standing up for something that matters? During lockdown in […]

Perspective-taking and curiosity – a winning combination

You may have been told as a child that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and that you need to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes’. While having a dead cat and wearing someone else’s shoes are not immediately appealing, on closer reflection, you will find the benefits. Ok so stick with me here, and apologies to […]

When going for perfect hinders progress

In a celebrity-obsessed world and where people’s lives play out on social media, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can have it all, and then put enormous pressure on yourself trying to get it. The myth of the so-called ‘perfect life’ can lead to unhealthy comparisons and feeling like […]

Do you think you are lucky?

Whether you see something that happens to you as luck, fate, destiny or even an opportunity is based on your beliefs and mental paradigms. That is, how you see the world and what you believe to be true, or not. What one person sees as luck another person may construe as something they are entitled […]