WHO Magazine: Productive Minds - Michelle Gibbings, Change Meridian

How to maintain a productive mind and ensure a rewarding work week … in the June 2017 issue of WHO Magazine I share my Top 4 Productivity Hacks to nail a busy week. Read the full article here.

Is change essential to advancing your career?

The world and how we work is changing. Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, digitisation and what the World Economic Forum is calling the “fourth industrial revolution” means we are about to experience change at an unprecedented rate.

To stay ahead you need to be ready to embrace this. Being prepared requires you to be ready to embrace this. Being prepared requires you to work out what these changes mean for you, your profession and industry, and be ready to adapt. Everyone feels some discomfort during a change – feel the fear and do it anyway. Try these four productivity hacks to nail a busy week.

  • Don’t multi-task Research has shown that a person’s productivity dips as they switch focus between competing tasks.
  • Get enough sleep Your brain doesn’t work effectively when it’s tired. If you want to be at peak performance, you need to get the right balance between “working” your brain and “resting” it.
  • Build habits Habits are essentially routines, which save you time and help to conserve the brain’s precious energy reserves. When you have a routine, you waste less time working out where and how to focus your efforts.
  • Be deliberate Consciously construct your day and do the more intensive thinking tasks earlier in the morning. This will ensure you are more productive throughout the day.