How side hustlers are making the most of the Covid-19 lockdown

In this article for News Ltd, Michelle was invited to offer her thoughts about how side hustles can turn a profit for you during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Michelle Gibbings said most side hustles had an online element and entrepreneurs should ensure what they offered was in demand as “there may not be a market there”.

The online fitness space was an example, Ms Gibbings said.

“A lot of people took fitness in classes and at bootcamp, and all that went online – if that was going to be your side hustle, you’re competing with people who are potentially doing that for free,” she said.

“There might be another market out there that is growing.”

Ms Gibbings said many people working from home were buying earrings from side-hustling designers as it was a fashion accessory that remained on display during video conferencing.

“Work out if you are registering yourself as a sole trader, so you’ll have an ABN now, and make sure you’re doing all the correct things in terms of tax and legal conditions,” Ms Gibbings said.

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