How about some listening? - Michelle Gibbings

How about some listening?

When I was in primary school, most of my school report cards went along the following lines ‘Michelle is a great student, if only her talkative nature could be curbed’. I apparently spent a little too much time distracting my classmates by chatting.

Needless to say, my talkative nature was never curbed. This week’s weekly missive is tapping into that love of talking, and rather than sharing written musings, I am sharing verbal musings.

So, you can take your pick from a few of the podcasts I have had the pleasure of being interviewed on in recent months.

A fabulous conversation with Amber Daines on her weekly podcast – The Politics of Everything. We had a great discussion about bosses – the good and the not-so-good.

I was delighted to be invited as a guest on Sadhana Smiles and Div Pillay’s fabulous podcast – Business in Colour. Their podcast helps to mobilise leaders and change-makers to understand and act for greater diversity in their work, organisation and community. In this episode, we talked about diversity, learning and influence.

Your financial choices impact your career, just as your career choices impact your finances, as Bushy Martin and I discuss on his fabulous podcast, Get Invested. In this wide-ranging chat, we talked about careers, finances and bad bosses.

I always love being a guest on SoundCartel’s Business Essentials daily podcast. This time I was chatting with Chris Ashmore about entitlement, specifically, entitled employees and how you best manage them.

Happy listening and see you next week (back in the written format).

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