Helping organisations thrive podcast - Dealing with a bad boss - Michelle Gibbings

Michelle was delighted to chat with Julian Roberts from the Helping Organisations Thrive podcast about how you can take bad boss conflict and turn it into a postive.

Are you a bad boss?

Do you work for a bad boss?

Well, if you are either than take a listen to Michelle Gibbings who came on the Helping organisations thrive podcast to discuss this very topic of bad bosses.

Michelle Gibbings shares powerful and insightful strategies to deal with bad bosses, with these 5 key ways:

1. Determine where the problem really lies.
2. Identify your role in the bad boss situation.
3. Strategise your best option forward.
4. Take action using concrete tools.
5. Reflect and monitor progress for long-term gain.

Listen to the podcast here.



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