GetAbstract: Better Bosses: Creating Inspirational Leaders Through Trust-Based Feedback Systems - Michelle Gibbings

A great conversation with Tyler Lay for Get Abstract’s L& D In Action podcast series. We talked about leaders – the good and the bad, the myths of leadership and the need to avoid leadership (and learning) fads. There were so many angles to this conversation.

If you’re looking for a conversation to kick off your morning, and perhaps challenge how you lead, then check it out.

Everyone has had a bad boss. In fact, many of us have been bad bosses at some point in our careers. There are plenty of reasons why someone’s leadership can have a less than positive impact on those they’re leading. Overwhelm is quite common, though plenty of bosses simply lack systems that allow for an honest review of their impact and performance. With some self-awareness and humility, alongside an effective 360-degree feedback system, any leader can inspire their people.

For one tried-and-true resolution to the problem of bad bosses, we are joined this week by the woman who literally wrote the book on the topic. Michelle Gibbings is a global keynote speaker, and bestselling author of Bad Boss: What To Do If You Work For One, Manage One, or Are One. She explains her 4-step process for taking a boss from bad to inspirational, and weighs in on the unique challenges facing leaders in a volatile business landscape.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why leaders must continually ask themselves of their mission and goals for their people
  • The importance of 360-degree feedback to assess leadership performance
  • How to improve work by the integration of new behaviors, rather than teaching toward the end goal those behaviors represent
  • The 4-step leadership improvement process of assess, strategize, act, reflect
  • Why it’s important to see “bad bosses” as complex people with a history of goals, rather than just as poor leaders
  • How bosses and leaders must reconsider their public influence in the social media age
  • Why coaching is a critical component of any serious performance improvement system

Listen to the full version:

Better Bosses: Creating Inspirational Leaders Through Trust-Based Feedback Systems

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