Future Fit Leadership Podcast: Lessons from Brené Brown with Michelle Gibbings - Michelle Gibbings

Michelle loved being part of Sadhana’s Future Fit Leadership podcast series. Sadhana and Michelle had a great conversation talking about leadership, bad bosses and lessons from Michelle’s work with Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead program.

Leadership and how we lead matters. Being a great leader is not easy at the best of times, add to this changing markets, supply chain issues, consumer confidence, rising interest rates, global uncertainty, the great resignation, changing employee needs, navigating this hybrid world of work, digital changes and the ongoing burnout from the pandemic.

There is also a lot of “NEW” we need to deal with

  • New way of working
  • New way of communicating
  • New Markets
  • New attitudes towards how and where we do the work

And we wonder why sometimes we fall into that leadership slump…Leadership and how we lead has been redefined and we cannot reverse it. Skills such as empathy, courage, vulnerability, resilience, communication and mindfulness and key skills we look for in leaders.

In this podcast we talk to Michelle Gibbings about how we get better at these softer skill sets such as empathy, vulnerability and being courageous.

Michelle is a workplace expert, works with forward thinking leaders, executive teams and large scale organisations embrace the unknown, deepen their decision making and build their courage, conviction and capability. She has written three books and was one of the original co-hort of coaches who went to San Antonio, Texas and spent time with Brené Brown.


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