Extract from Career Leap: How to reinvent and liberate your career - Michelle Gibbings

Has your career path hit a dead end? Are you wondering how you’ll get ahead?

Gone are the days of slowly making your way up the corporate ladder to retirement. Now, with the rise of freelancing and the gig economy, the workplace is becoming more flexible and independent—which can leave hardworking people scrambling to find a way to stay relevant.

Career Leap addresses your worries and gives you a way forward. Featuring success stories from people who have made their own career leaps, this book sheds light on what you can do to reignite, reshape and liberate your career. It offers a fool-proof plan for getting your career back on track—starting today. Chock-full of the techniques and practices needed to give you the confidence to change, it arms you with everything you need to make career leaps that count.

Here you’ll find an extract from my book Career Leap: How to reinvent and liberate your career