The influential Change Practitioner - Michelle Gibbings

Event Date: February 5, 2015
Venue: Webinar

Being a Change Practitioner isn’t for the faint hearted.

Central to a change practitioner’s success is demonstrating value.

Importantly, if the value a change practitioner brings to the table is not understood, the role played will be diminished, and the practitioner may find themselves ‘out of the loop’ on critical issues and decisions.

So, how do you ensure that you aren’t kept on the sidelines?

By having vigour, voice and validity, the change practitioner can step up to the next level, and move from being seen as peripheral to the main game, to being a central player. A valued asset!

Want to know more? Interested in growing your capability and influence?

Join Michelle Gibbings and Craig Stephens for a 45 minute free webinar where they will explore these ideas, and share insights on how to solidify your value as a Change Practitioner.

This is for your if:

  • You are struggling to define the value for your sponsors
  • You are constantly fighting to be heard above the business noise
  • You have been seeking support to develop your career in change
  • You want to restore your passion and energy for leading change
  • You are wanting to develop your skills to influence stakeholders

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn a ‘Model of Influence’ that increases your awareness about your capability
  • See the 6 levels of the Change Practitioner and their implications for influence
  • Be introduced to the capabilities of practitioners that really influence sponsors
  • Be sent a link to a free personal capability diagnostic
  • Receive an exclusive offer to join a half-day seminar

Michelle is a transformation and change expert, who works with organisations to facilitate and guide them through complex organisational changes.

Craig is a performance coach and mentor, who enhances the personal and corporate outcomes of professionals, teams and organisations.

Between them they have over 40 years experience in managing and delivering change across many industries and disciplines.

You can register for one of the 2 sessions via this link

If you are ready for change then start now!