Deakin University Interview - Michelle Gibbings

Recently I was interviewed on my experience at Deakin University when I was completing my Bachelor of Commerce in the 1990s.

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce

Campus: Off-campus (now known as Cloud Campus)

Graduation year: 1998


Michelle Gibbings took advantage of Deakin’s flexible study options and studied by distance. She completed a commerce degree while travelling around the country for work.

Career path and highlights

I’ve been fortunate to have had an amazing career. I love what I do. It’s been challenging, interesting and inspiring. I’ve learnt a lot. Met fascinating people. Travelled. Pushed myself and taken on roles I never thought I would do.

Q&A with Michelle Gibbings

What were some of the memorable experiences you had at Deakin?

I studied by distance as my work required me to travel constantly. Consequently, I did exams in multiple locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Weipa, and Mount Isa.

Did you learn anything from your Deakin studies to take directly to the workforce?

This was my second degree, so I was working full time and studying part time. My degree included management and marketing subjects, which were directly relevant to my work. I found I was using this new knowledge in my working life almost every day, in some way.

Can you give any advice to our current students?

If you love learning and are willing to be challenged, you’ll have an amazing career. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and do things you haven’t done before. Being uncomfortable and uncertain is a sign of personal growth – and that’s good for you. Enjoy what’s ahead. It’s a fabulous adventure.