Courageous Conversations - Michelle Gibbings

Courageous ConversationsWe step away from conversations that are hard, difficult or uncomfortable for a range of reasons. By doing that, we step away from the opportunity to better understand the other person (and ourselves), and to forge a deeper, more meaningful connection.

At the same time, we’re likely to fail to make the progress we desire or secure the outcome we seek.

If you want to make progress – accelerated progress – and to build relationships that matter, then knowing how to engage in conversations that you’d rather walk away from is crucial.

And that’s exactly what this guide will do. It will give you a series of reflective activities and processes to consider, so you are ready to step up and into those conversations you’d rather avoid.

It won’t be easy, but with practice it will get easier.

Here’s to conversations, which are healthy, constructive and progressive. Download your copy.