Chief of Staff Book Review: Bad Boss - Michelle Gibbings

Thank you to Naomi Spinks for her thoughtful book review, in Chief of Staff Magazine of Michelle’s latest book Bad Boss: What to do if you work for one, manage one or are one.

Self-awareness, self-reflection, clarity, consistency, hope and above all, courage…the vital fundamentals required to avoid ‘being’ or ‘working for’ a bad boss.

Michelle Gibbings’s book ‘Bad Boss’ provides a candid, insightful and organised approach to identifying and managing the traits of the ‘great’ and the ‘notso- great’ managers and leaders of the world. We optimistically like to reason that people don’t deliberately set out to be a bad boss, but occasionally they just don’t know any better, and are often shocked when their team thinks otherwise.

So, whether it’s that your boss’s tough or toxic work environment is making your life a living hell and pushing you to compromise your integrity and ethics, and you’re seeking to strategically influence their behaviour before you cash out. Or perhaps you’re striving to better understand your impact on others and elevate your ‘unconscious’ self to your ‘conscious’ self… this book is for you!

Michelle has succeeded in breaking down the jargon and provides real-life examples on how to get match-fit with your authenticity and priorities in your work life. She offers systematic time-out and self-reflection ‘sanity’ assessments that make it easy to identify the traps so you can continue to reflect, reinvent, influence and self-guide yourself and/or boss.

Naomi Spinks is an EA at Inland Rail

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