Ultra 106five: Supercharge your career

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Workplace expert Michelle Gibbings joins Dave from Ultra 106five to talk a Supercharged Career. Michelle and Dave discuss: How to ensure your social media accounts don’t derail your career The art of negotiating salary during a job interview An insiders tips on getting a payrise 6 ways to reinvent and supercharge your career How to […]

Arts Hub: Four ways to achieve your work goals

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Thank you to Jo Pickup for this article where Michelle contributes her advice on how to achieve your work goals in 2022.  Back at work with fresh eyes for the year? Here’s how to take your career to new places in 2022. The start of the year is great for goal setting and planning what […]

Inside FMCG Magazine: Performance in a pandemic

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WFH and remote communication are just two of the factors impacting performance reviews in the time of Covid-19. Thanks to Inside FMCG Magazine for inviting Michelle to provide thoughts and ideas around performance during a pandemic. Debates about performance reviews – their purpose and impact – take on new intensity during a pandemic and when […]

In the Black: Stuck on the sidelines

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In this article for In The Black, Johanna Leggatt and I discuss how to handle the setback of being overlooked for a promotion. You have been sidelined and missed out on a promotion. Quite naturally, you feel unappreciated and confused. Most frustrating of all, you have the skills, the smarts and the drive to pull […]

Institute of Managers and Leaders: How are you role modelling?

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As a leader what you say and do sets the standard each and every day. Are you challenging yourself to live up to your own expectations? Thanks to the Institute of Managers and Leaders for inviting Michelle to share her thoughts in this article. Recently, the eldest boy of family friends was showing his younger […]

CEO Magazine: How to successfully manage teams to maximise their potential

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Michelle provides her ideas in this article for CEO Magazine on how to manage your team and maximise it’s potential. Managing teams and balancing the ‘we’ versus ‘me’ is the responsibility of every leader. Get the balance right and it could lead to one of the best business decisions ever made, according to workplace expert […]

What are you role modelling?

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Recently, the eldest boy of family friends was showing his younger brother how to do something. It was fascinating, and at times slightly comical, to watch as he demonstrated the action, and then his younger brother emulated the action step by step. The younger brother wasn’t thinking about what to do; whether it was the […]