Be Selfish – Help others to help yourself

When you think of someone who is selfish, what immediately comes to mind?  Is it someone who is self-centred and only focused on their needs, to the exclusion of others? Or is it someone who helps others? You wouldn’t normally equate helping others with selfishness.   Particularly when you provide help altruistically and are not expecting […]

What’s your breeding ground for complacency?

The world is moving and changing quickly.  Do you keep pace with the change, stride ahead or are you left behind? History is littered with stories of amazing companies that were the darlings of investors, and now no longer exist. For many of these companies, the root of their demise was sewn in the arrogant […]

Want to make better decisions? Go to sleep

We all make many, many decisions every day. Every time you make a decision you use up precious resources in your brain. Do you think about how and when you are making decisions?  If you don’t, you’re in danger of making decisions when your brain isn’t at its peak. Your brain is like a muscle.  […]