Why not knowing the answer is a sign of leadership

People often think that being a leader means needing to know more than others and having all the answers. When you cast your mind back through history, great leaders were distinguished by the fact that they usually made wise decisions.   This doesn’t mean all their decisions were wise, but on balance their decisions had good […]

What’s stopping you?

It was the American author, Harold Blake Walker who said: “The only true failure lies in failure to start.” I like the sentiment that underpins that statement.  But it needs to go further. There’s no doubt that it’s important to start things.  To try new things.  To have a go. However, if all you ever […]

Harness the competitive spirit for good, not evil

Competition is an evocative word.  Some people love it.  Others hate it. For some competition is seen as an unnecessary evil, and an impediment to good teamwork. For others it’s the competition that drives them forward and inspires them to work harder. The case for and against is not black and white.  Competition can be healthy […]

Uncertainty – friend or foe?

Our brain loves certainty.  It makes us feel good.  It’s comforting to feel that we have all the answers and know precisely what to do. The challenge is that as the world gets more, not less complex we need to become more comfortable with uncertainty. This can be hard.  As leaders you feel as though […]

Change Leaders: cancel the solo performance – it’s time to empower your production team

One of the biggest killers of progress in organisations is a lack of role clarity. While there are various ingredients that determine whether people are motivated at work, two of the primary ones are: accountability and flexibility.  People want to know what they are accountable for, and they want some flexibility in how they go […]

Stop wasting your time being ‘busy’

January is almost over.  You can feel the energy rising.  The traffic is starting to get busier.  The kids are back at school and most people are ‘back on deck’ at work. With the increased pace comes the inevitable feeling of ‘busy-ness’. Being busy can be a trap.  It was the famous classical Greek philosopher, […]

Want more influence? Start from the inside – out

Being able to influence is a critical skill to have if you want to take on more senior roles in your career. Is it a skill your born with or can you learn it?  I’d suggest it is a skill that you can acquire. Of course, there are people who appear naturally influentially and easily […]

Do you know the right time to stop talking?

In life, timing is often crucial.   Things can happen spontaneously or be planned, and so if something goes well for you is it just luck or is it something else? I’ve often found in life that the harder I work and the more I plan, the luckier I become. And so it is with communication.   […]

Your seven step guide to a personal skills audit

Happy New Year! The start of the new year is often a time of reflection and decision making.  People reflect on the past year, and make decisions about their priorities for the year ahead. I always find it incredibly energising.  Hopefully you’ve taken some time out to rest and recharge, and think about the opportunities […]

Is your watch showing the right time?

Time is precious these days there never seems to be enough of it. As we head into the frenetic pre-Christmas period, it’s a good time to think about how you are spending your time. As American author, Henry David Thoreau said: “It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what […]

Want more impact? Say Less

There’s a famous saying “May you live in interesting times.”  There’s debate as to the saying’s origin, but there’s certainly no doubt that it applies today. The world really is an amazing place and change is everywhere, particularly as we live in a VUCA world.  This is a world which is: Volatile – because everything […]

Want motivation? Keep progress visible

When you’re making a change that is complex – either at a personal or organisational level – it can feel like one step forward and then one step backwards.  It’s certainly never just a straight line to the finish. As Harvard academic, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, said: “Everything can look like failure in the middle.” Persevering […]

Ten tips to master your decision making

Einstein is quoted as saying:  “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I would spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes about the solution.”  Being the clever person he was, Einstein understood the power of deliberate decisions.  He recognised that good decisions don’t typically happen by accident. It’s about leveraging […]

If you want successful change – make context matter

There’s a famous saying “May you live in interesting times.” There’s debate as to the saying’s origin, but there’s certainly no doubt that it applies today. The world really is an amazing place and change is everywhere, particularly as we live in a VUCA world.  This is a world which is: Volatile – because everything […]

Look further – it’s never what it seems

According to a recent study around two-thirds of what gets posted on social media is made up.   This recent British study found that a large portion of people surveyed said they posted false images to their profiles to make their life seem more interesting. It is all too easy to compare yourself to others.  This […]

Want more influence? Move beyond the technical

Think that change management skills are just for change professionals?  Think again – they’re crucial skills for all professions. A good example is people who work in governance, risk and compliance. Research has found there is an opportunity to enhance the value they deliver by focusing development resources not just on technical skills, but on […]

Be Selfish – Help others to help yourself

When you think of someone who is selfish, what immediately comes to mind?  Is it someone who is self-centred and only focused on their needs, to the exclusion of others? Or is it someone who helps others? You wouldn’t normally equate helping others with selfishness.   Particularly when you provide help altruistically and are not expecting […]

What’s your breeding ground for complacency?

The world is moving and changing quickly.  Do you keep pace with the change, stride ahead or are you left behind? History is littered with stories of amazing companies that were the darlings of investors, and now no longer exist. For many of these companies, the root of their demise was sewn in the arrogant […]

Want to make better decisions? Go to sleep

We all make many, many decisions every day. Every time you make a decision you use up precious resources in your brain. Do you think about how and when you are making decisions?  If you don’t, you’re in danger of making decisions when your brain isn’t at its peak. Your brain is like a muscle.  […]