Who do your stories serve?


The world is full of stories. The stories we read. The ones we tell ourselves and the ones we tell other people. There’s a perspective that there is a story inside all of us just waiting to be heard. Where in fact we tell stories – every day. For example, when we replay to our […]

What’s on your ‘Back to Work’ Checklist?

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If you have school-aged children, you’ve likely been spending part of last week getting ready for the back-to-school routine. Casting my mind back to childhood, the week before school started, you’d get organised. School uniforms were washed and ironed, and school shoes polished. Textbooks were wrapped in brown paper or contact paper (does anyone else […]

What’s Your Circuit Breaker?

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Welcome to 2022 and the first weekly insights for the year. It’s so good to have you back. Undoubtedly, the year is kicking off amidst much uncertainty and mixed expectations. In this year’s World Economic Forum Global Risks Report, most respondents were either worried or concerned when asked the question ‘How do you feel about the […]

Wrap it up and look forward

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It’s been another eventful year with many unexpected twists and turns. Like me, 2021 may not be wrapping up the way you envisaged when champagne corks popped at the start of the year. But before you bid adieu, wrap up 2021 and head off on a summer break, take the time to pause and reflect, shake […]

Six ways to set your Wise Owl free

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If you are a regular reader, you’ll know I only rarely write an article that follows on from the previous week. However, following last Friday’s weekly insight, I received lots of emails. The general sentiment being, ‘Michelle – great article, but how do I tap into my wise owl?” This week, I will share tips […]

Are you relying on your Wise Owl or Guard Dog?

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We all love to believe that we are rational and reasonable beings – who always make wise decisions consciously using fact and reason. However, over the years, research has shown repeatedly that much of our decision making is emotionally driven. It’s not so much that we always weigh up the costs and benefits to make […]

Don’t confuse meetings with collaboration

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Back in my corporate days, I would regularly spend my entire day in back to back meetings. I’d rush from meeting to meeting and feel a spark of joy when a meeting was cancelled. ‘Hooray, some time back in my day’, I would say to myself. Today, the meeting culture in most organisations is still […]

Don’t bypass the past

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In high school, one of my favourite subjects was history. So much so that I thought about becoming a history teacher. Not surprising then that one of my favourite quotes is from the Danish Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard: “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” And yet, we can be overly future-focused. We […]

How Forgiving are You?

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Barely a week goes past without seeing an example of a collective pile on (usually via social media) to someone deemed to have done something wrong. Sometimes the outrage may even seem reasonable; on many occasions, there are many layers to the story which are unknown. Jon Ronson’s fabulous book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed highlights the […]

Is your learning future fit?

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If you added up the amount of time you spend each week learning, what would the total be? An hour, three hours, more than ten, or perhaps none? If you are an hour or less then you are similar to many other Australians according to a report released by Swinburne University’s Centre for the New […]