Are you alert to the change cane toads at work?

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It seemed like a good idea at the time. You’ve got a problem and identified a solution. Tested the solution, and now you’ve rolled it out. The team and you sit back and celebrate your success…only to find unexpected impacts derail the change. Dependencies and connections you hadn’t identified have risen to the surface, and […]

Who’s in your career corner?

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Success rarely happens alone. This tried and tested statement came to the fore over the weekend, as I was baulking at doing something because I was worried about being judged. A former colleague stepped into a support role and helpfully challenged me – spelling out all the reasons why I should and to better back […]

Do you need to shift your perspective?

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The children’s book, A Tale of Two Beasts by Fiona Roberton tells the tale of a little girl and a small animal (labelled a “strange beast” in the book). In the first part, the story is told from the girl’s perspective. One day she is walking through the “deep dark woods” and sees a strange little beast. She […]

Be alert and ready to adapt

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The world is awash with predictions, forecasts and expectations about the stock market, economy, politics, world affairs and society (to name a few). For example, Forrester’s research suggests that automation will strip out approximately 1.5m jobs from the local economy. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2020 report concluded that technology-driven job creation would outpace job destruction (over […]

Being quiet won’t help you

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We love a good trend. Last year, apparently, Australians were following the American trend, and the Great Resignation was coming to our shores. It turns out that was a bit of a furphy, and Australians didn’t ditch their jobs on mass and move to new careers or organisations. The latest trend is ‘quiet quitting’, to which attention was […]

Finding the sweet spot

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For some, career decisions are simple. For others, not so much, particularly when they know they don’t enjoy their current career but don’t know what to do next. It’s even more complicated if it feels like many options could be pursued. Barry Schwartz explained in his TED talk, ‘The Paradox of Choice’ that having too many […]

Six ways to supercharge your Spring

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As we head into Spring (hooray), it’s the perfect time to spring-clean your motivation and make sure you (and your team) are ready to make the most of the remaining year. As the hours of sunshine get longer and the weather shifts to warmer days, your mood may positively shift, and so too your motivation […]

Are you a future ready leader?

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Recently, CSIRO released their latest report on the megatrends they see impacting the world. Their report, worth reading if you want insights into potential impacts on your profession and industry, is another document in a long list of predictions and studies on the future. There’s no doubt that the future is full of change, but so is the […]

Do you know who’s watching?

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It’s hard to be bored when there is always so much to watch and learn from people around you. People watching is a fascinating past-time. Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne from the University of Massachusetts Amherst has even developed a handy guide to help you make the most of your people-watching. Using psychology as the foundation, she suggests […]

Is your communication all about you?

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It’s a typical workday. You rush from meeting to meeting (and yes, you can rush virtually too). Send a few emails and text messages and talk with a team member to update them on things you think they need to know. You then rush to your next meeting. Sound familiar? I’ll admit I’ve been guilty […]