Michelle regularly writes for and features in local and international publication and media outlets.

Women’s Agenda: Ten ways to build your influence at work

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“If you want to get traction at work and progress, you need to be able to influence.“ Women’s Agenda shared my article on tips to start building your influence at work. You can read them by clicking here. — People often equate the desire to influence with being Machiavellian. It’s not. It’s good business practice; providing it’s […]

HR Daily: How HR pros can build their influence

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HR Daily released an article I wrote in which I share tips and hints on how to build a better network. You can read the full article here. — HR professionals should take a deliberate and structured approach to network building to increase their workplace influence, an organisational change expert says. People often think the […]

Get it Magazine: Become a master decision maker


“We make decisions every day – to get things done – and done well – you need to make good decisions.” For the April 2016 edition of the magazine ‘Get it’ I wrote an article outlining the key attributes to becoming a more effective decision maker. To read this month’s issue of ‘Get it’, as […]

Domain: Seven ways to turbocharge your real estate career

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Getting real satisfaction from your career means learning the skills and know-how to let you love what you do. Kate Jones from Domain wrote an insightful article discussing seven steps that will help turbocharge your career. I shared my personal experience and knowledge throughout the article. — Getting real satisfaction from your job means learning […]

Luke and Susie: Step Up – How to build your influence at work

I was invited to chat with Luke and Susie on radio. As we chat we explore different case studies within the experience of change in the workplace. Click here to listen to the full interview. — Change is inevitable, especially in the workplace. Today’s guest is an author who has spent over 20 years leading individuals […]

Modern Business Magazine: Successful Leaders know how to influence

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  For the April 2016 edition of  ‘Modern Business: Success is everything’ I wrote an article about how to better influence in order to become a successful leader. Read the original article here, and flick to pages 56-57 or to download a copy of the PDF click here. — Despite advances in technology, organisations today are more, […]

SmartCompany: Nearly 90% of women feel under-represented at work

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I was recently interviewed by Dinushi Dias from SmartCompany who was looking into a report by one of the world’s leading recruitment consultancies that found nearly 90% of women feel underrepresented at work. I was able to share insights from my experience and thoughts on how to shape diversity in the workplace. To see the original article […]

Institute of Managers and Leaders: Change starts with vision, but then what?

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Today’s ‘change’ professionals need all round skills to thrive in increasingly complex roles. Leadership and Change Management are two areas upon which all senior change professionals need to focus. Michelle was interviewed by Insight Edge for the Institute of Managers and Leaders on this topic. — It seems that any discussion on organisational change takes one of […]

GRC Professional: The GRC Professional Toolkit – developing a behavioural focus

Michelle Gibbings recently appeared in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Institute’s monthly magazine, talking about the importance of change management skills for GRC professionals.You can read the full article here. — Want to be more influential? Move beyond the technical to a behavioural focus. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) professionals want to make a […]