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Leaderonomics: Begin Afresh Even When You Have Unfinished Business

The start of a new year is a good time to think about how you and your team are spending your time at work. If you want to make a difference in your organisation and have a team that makes progress, it’s important to consider the meaning of time. Gear up for a strong 2017 […]

CEO Institute: Influence – A Competitive Advantage For CEOs

How we work and live is fundamentally changing. We live in what is now commonly referred to as a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. Organisations – large and small –  know they have to respond to this. Consequently, CEOs are under constant pressure to perform. This pressure comes from many quarters – investors, […]

IIDM: Influence – A competitive advantage for CEOs

CEOs need to be able to influence within and outside their organisation so they can get traction and make progress. CEOs are under constant pressure to perform. This pressure comes from many quarters – investors, the Board, regulators, customers, employees and other external stakeholders. It’s not surprising that CEOs are always looking for the next […]

GQ: Time for a Pay Cut

Taking a pay cut is a sad and growing reality for many people. GQ Magazine interviewed Michelle and other industry experts on this growing trend and their article shows you how to make it work and find a positive outcome. You can read the full article, and Michelle’s comments, here. — WTF, you may huff, […]

Jamaica Blue: Make that change

To change gears on your career demands some genuine evaluation before taking the plunge and making the big change. At this time of year, as the best new year’s resolutions have possibly become distant memories, it’s not too late to consider the changes you want to make in your life. A career change may be […]

Sourcable: How Architects Can Manage Major Change Within Their Practices

Significant reorganisation can occur when practices either acquire other practices or are themselves acquired, have divisions spilt off, move into new sectors, upsize or downsize in response to economic conditions or simply engage in restructuring in order to improve operational performance. That raises interesting questions about how change can be managed from a viewpoint of […]

Inside Small Business: Meeting the challenge of change

We live in interesting times. Change is everywhere and it impacts organisations both large and small. For leaders, this means the environment they are working in is often ambiguous, complex and disruptive. To survive and flourish in this environment, small businesses need to master four key steps… Inside Small Business Magazine recently published Michelle’s article […]

Australian Broker Magazine: Step Up and Lead

Conscious change leaders are not one-dimensional. They work across boundaries, embrace new ideas and learnings, and are innovative, authentic, compassionate and resilient. They challenge dominant paradigms, and lead and support others to thrive through change. Most importantly, they accept the notion that successful organisational transformation involves personal change for them. My article “Step Up and Lead” […]

AIPM – Flagship: Don’t get left behind

Let this sink in: the job you have today probably won’t be around in a decade. If you’re like many project managers, the changing nature of work heralded by smart systems, complex environments and client demands requires you to continually update your skills. To succeed in this environment, project managers needs to draw on a […]

Mamamia: Why it’s time we let go of the “having it all” myth

It’s time to bust the myth and get real about life. Nobody has it all and gets everything they want all the time. So how can we let go of the “having it all” myth? Read the full article on the Mamamia website. — In a celebrity-obsessed world where people’s lives play out on social media, it […]