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L&D Professional: Does your leadership lack influence?

The former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove, once said: “Just as you would not permit a fellow employee to steal a piece of office equipment, you shouldn’t let anyone walk away with the time of his fellow managers.” In organisations this happens every day, and it’s made worse for a leader if their team members […]

Professional Planner: Mastering the art of making better decisions

To get things done – and done well – you need to make good decisions. So if you want to step up and be more influential, it’s time to master the art of decision making. The Professional Planner website shared my 10 tips to mastering the art of making better decisions. — You make decisions […]

Elite Agent: Digital disruption – A 5-step personal skills audit

It’s a cliché to say the world is changing. It has and also will. What’s indisputable is that the pace of change is unprecedented. To stay ahead you need to learn with purpose by looking forward and determining what skills you need in the future. The best starting point is to conduct a personal skills […]

Gloss Magazine: Successful leaders know how to influence

Despite advances in technology, organisations today are more, not less complex. Leaders are expected to deliver more results, in a faster timeframe and with less resources. If you want to make progress happen and thrive through change, you have to be able to influence. You can read the full article in this month’s edition of Gloss Magazine. […]

Smart Company: Get heard and tap into your personal power

People shy away from speaking up for a variety of reasons: Their confidence has been eroded and so they worry about putting forward an idea that’s contrary to the prevailing view They worry about what people think of them They are concerned that people won’t like them if they question or challenge They’ve been told […]

Inside HR: 3 steps for HR in overcoming unconscious bias

There are a few simple steps HR professionals can take in order to reduce unconscious bias and improve decision making in the workplace. To read about these simple steps, head over to the Inside HR website, who shared my article. — There are a few simple steps HR professionals can take in order to reduce […]

Elite Agent: Why agents need to stop wasting time being busy

They say that digital disruption is coming, and in order to survive it, stop multi-tasking – it’s making things worse! My full article is available through the Elite Agent website. — They say that digital disruption is coming, and in order to survive it, Michelle Gibbings says stop multi-tasking – it’s making things worse! The […]

Deakin University Interview

Recently I was interviewed on my experience at Deakin University when I was completing my Bachelor of Commerce in the 1990s. — Degree: Bachelor of Commerce Campus: Off-campus (now known as Cloud Campus) Graduation year: 1998 Overview Michelle Gibbings took advantage of Deakin’s flexible study options and studied by distance. She completed a commerce degree while travelling around the country […]