Michelle regularly writes for and features in local and international publication and media outlets.

Yahoo Finance: 4 steps to supercharging your career this financial year

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In this article for Yahoo Finance, Michelle outlines her four steps in order to supercharge your career this finacial year. The new financial year is here, and it’s the perfect time to do a stocktake on your career and build a plan to supercharge your progress. Check your career’s fitness How fit is your career? […]

SA Today Podcast: Getting Back into the Workforce

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Michelle was interviewed by Jennie Lenman on her podcast SA Today about getting back into the workforce. It is not easy getting back into the workforce after taking time out – but it can be done! Workplace expert and author Michelle Gibbings joins Jennie Lenman to share some advice. Listen to the SA Today podcast […]

CEO World Magazine: 5 things leaders can do to create a stressless workplace

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Michelle Gibbings wrote this article for CEO World Magazine, about reducing stress in the workplace.  Chronic work-related stress is linked to health issues such as depression and coronary heart disease and directly impacts workplace productivity, retention, job satisfaction, and personal and professional relationships. A certain amount of pressure is good for you. When you experience the […]

CEO Magazine: Workplace expert’s advice to eliminating the unproductive mid-year slump

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In this article on CEO Magazine, Michelle Gibbings explains the simplest ways to hack your deflated work ethic back into action. Getting up and going can be hard on those cold, dark wintry days, and your productivity can wane to the detriment of your employer, or worse, your own business. A range of studies has […]

CEO Magazine: Workplace expert’s advice to eliminating the unproductive mid-year slump

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Suffering a mid year slump? Over winter and over COVID and finding it harder to keep your workplace motivation going? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us are suffering from a mid year slump. The good news is there are steps you can take to kick start the motivation engine. Thanks to CEO Magazine […]

Change it podcast: Being the leader of your career with Michelle Gibbings

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Michelle enjoyed speaking to Eloise Seidelin on her podcast Change it about her career journey. In Episode 12 of Change It, Workplace Expert Michelle Gibbings shares her journey through a successful corporate Career in Change into launching her own business. She shares: Curiosity and learning opening doors What makes you competitive in your career Corporate- […]

Canstar: Your 9-step guide to getting part-time work

In this article for Canstar, Michelle shares her top tips on getting part time work If you are looking for part-time and more flexible work, here are some tips to help you. Living through a global pandemic has caused many people to reflect on their careers. Some people are desperately seeking more work while others […]

My Millennial Career Podcast: Good Boss, Bad Boss

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Michelle joined Shell Johnson and Emily Bowen on My Millennial Career Podcast to discuss the bad bosses, listen here. We have all either worked for a bad boss, managed a bad boss or been a bad boss ourselves, yikes! Michelle Gibbings knows so much about the experiences of bad bosses so who better to join […]

AFR: How work perks can accelerate your career

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Thanks Tess Bennet from the Australian Financial Review for inviting me to share my thoughts on this very relevant topic for career success. While pay rises are great, there are times when other benefits may be more helpful in securing your long term career success and objectives. Everyone wants a pay rise, but rather than […]