Insurance Business Australia: Return-to-work parents have untapped potential

Michelle was recently featured in this article on the Insurance Business Australia website talking about the untapped potential of return to work parents. For brokers who’ve made the jump and set up on their own, one of the most important milestones comes when there’s too much work for one person to handle. Of course, paying […]

Retail Pharmacy: How to know if you have a power-hungry boss (and what to do about it)

In this article featured on the Retail Pharmacy website, Michelle looks at how you can establish if you have a power-hungry boss and what you can do about it. There’s an old saying: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s attributed to Lord Acton, a nineteenth-century British historian and moralist. In an organisational context, […]

Insurance Business Australia: Are you making bad decisions for your insurance career?

Michelle offers her insight on the nine important things that should always be taken into account when it comes to important decision making. To read the article, visit the Insurance Business Australia website. It’s estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 conscious decisions every day – of course, some of them are far more […]

Training & Development: Is your decision making riuning your change program?

The capability of leaders to make good decisions during times of change is critical. Decisions are taken to make progress. So, if a leaders decision making is ineffective, the organisation will either stall, make limited progress or head in the wrong direction. To read Michelles article, as featured in the April edition of Training and […]

Insurance Business Australia: Is your brokerage leveraging age diversity?

Michelle featured in this article written on the Insurance Business Australia website. The vast majority of leaders have woken up to the benefits of workplace diversity but while firms often focus their initiatives on gender or race, there’s one factor which regularly goes neglected – age. “Many areas of the workforce overlook the benefits of […]

Daily Mail: How to score a pay rise EVERY time

Featured in the Daily Mail, Michelle reveals how ‘detaching’ yourself and ‘seeking leverage’ are key to boosting your salary in 2019. Negotiating a pay rise is a daunting prospect whatever the circumstances, but it can become especially terrifying when you’re in an interview for a new job. But career expert Michelle Gibbings said there are […]

LongRoom: Career expert reveals how ‘detaching’ yourself and ‘seeking leverage’ are key to getting a pay rise

Negotiating a pay rise is a daunting prospect whatever the circumstances but, according to Michelle in an article featured on the LongRoom website, it can become especially terrifying when you’re in an interview for a new job. But career expert Michelle Gibbings said there are five things you should do to improve your chances. Leverage […]

nowTOLOVE: These expert tips will help you nab your dream part-time job

There are various reasons why people already in the workforce seek to move from full to part time work. They may be wanting to scale down and ease into retirement, or they are seeking shorter working hours because they need to spend more time with their children or ageing parents. To read the article on […]

B & T: Five Tips For Getting A Promotion That Could Actually Work

In this article, Michelle offers her top five tips for getting a promotion that could actually work. The article was featured in B&T. The world is changing.  How we work is changing. To become the leader of your career and secure that promotion here’s five tips to get you on your way. 1.Get planning Actively […]

Synergen Leadership Podcast: Ep61 | Michelle Gibbings – Author of Career Leap

Michelle Gibbings is the author of Career Leap – How to reinvent and liberate your career. Listen to this podcast as Michelle provides tips on how to take that ‘Career Leap’. As a recognised expert in organisational change and leadership, Michelle is passionate about working with leaders and teams to unlock high-impact choices so they […]

business woman MEDIA: The critical skills you need for future career success

Michelle recently wrote an article on the business woman MEDIA website about the critical skills you need to help ensure future career success. With the ever-increasing pace of change in the workplace, comes the corresponding need for new skills and expertise. Career success requires you to keep an eye to the future – adapting and […]

Daily Mail: Do your homework, negotiate trade-offs and NEVER be inflexible: Expert reveals the art of negotiating your salary during a job interview

In this article published in the Daily Mail, Michelle offers her insight on how to effectively negotiate salary during a job interview. Seeking leverage and remaining emotionally detached are key for negotiations  The expert advises against being too inflexible, as this could turn off employers Do your homework so you know what you’re entitled to […]

10 Daily: Why Building Your ‘Personal Brand’ is the Key to Career Success

In this article featured in 10 Daily, Michelle offers her insight on what we mean when we say ‘personal brand’ and the impact your ‘personal brand’ can have in the workplace. What do these people have in common: Waleed Aly, Michelle Obama and P!nk? Answer: they are all successful, powerful and well-known — and they all have […]

Money & Life: Bulletproof your career

In this article featured on the Money & Life website, Michelle offers six tips to stay at the top of your game in a world of increasing technological complexity. Technology is changing how we live and work, and financial planners aren’t immune to that change. Already there are ‘robo-advisers’, which provide automated investment strategies based […]

Peninsula Kids: Essential career advice we need to give kids

For children growing up now, the workplace of today will not be their workplace of tomorrow. In this article featured in Peninsula Kids, Michelle identifies some strategies and issues which parents and guardians should consider when it comes to offering career advice to children. To read more, click here.

CEO Magazine: Fairness – it matters more than you think

As a leader, you need to ensure not only that you are fair in your treatment of all your staff, but also that you are perceived as fair by everyone. In this article featured in the CEO Magazine, Michelle discusses this in further detail. When you consider the characteristics of great leaders, being fair doesn’t […]

HR Director: The secret to mastering ‘organisational transformation’

Michelle provided her insights on organisational transformation featured in this article in HR Director. Now, more than ever, HRDs play a critical role in helping to shape an organisation’s approach to transformation Technology is changing all aspects of how people work and live, with the inevitable result being constant and rapid change in the workplace, […]