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In The Black: Learned helplessness at work: what it is and how to beat it

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Thank you to Nicola Heath and In The Black Magazine as Michelle contributes her insights to this article about what learned helplessness at work is and how it can be overcome with proper tools and techniques.  A junior staff member fails to report bullying from a senior colleague, enduring the harassment in silence instead. A manager perpetuates […]

The New Daily: Bleisure travel works wonders as a perk

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Thanks to Kate Jones, Senior Reporter and The New Daily for inviting Michelle to provide her comments about bleisure. Blurring of work-life boundaries has its downsides, but bleisure is definitely not one of them. Blending business and leisure is a work perk more people are taking advantage of when they travel on the company purse. […]

CNBC: Simon Sinek: ‘The skill of having an uncomfortable conversation is essential’—this hack can make it easier

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In this article for CNBC, Michelle was invited to add her comments about uncomfortable conversations.  Uncomfortable conversations are inevitable — and that’s why learning to navigate them is necessary for building healthy relationships and a successful career. Maybe you need to offer a friend or colleague some constructive criticism, or you’ve been called into a […]