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The Age: Don’t be limited by your mindset when changing careers

Career transition can be challenging. It can also be full of possibilities and opportunities. How you approach career transition has much to do with the mindset you apply to it. As individuals, our mindset is shaped by our experience. It is an important part of who we are, and it impacts what we think and how […]

International Institute of Directors & Managers: What Are The 7 Key Ingredients Of Influence?

In an increasingly complex and ambiguous world, career success is less about technical skills and more about the ability to cut through the noise, get traction, and lead change. Having influence is the competitive advantage that makes this happen – faster and more easily. I spoke with International Institute of Directors and Managers on the 7 […]

Professional Planner: Whether you like it or not, change is gonna do you good

Change only happens when everyone who is required to plays their part. Successful change leaders know this. They know the change isn’t just about them and so they’re focused on how they can inspire and liberate their team to new levels of performance. Unfortunately, change leadership is still a skill that many leaders struggle with. […]

Adviser Voice: How to enhance your ability to progress through change

Technology is changing all aspects of how we work and live, with the inevitable result being rapid change in the workplace. So what do you need to do to be prepared? Find out by reading the full article on the AdviserVoice website. — The financial advice community has experienced constant regulatory change over the last […]

SmartCompany: How to train yourself to thrive through change

There’s a famous saying: “may you live in interesting times.” While many people debate the saying’s origin, there’s certainly no doubt that it applies today. Successful change requires you to be purposeful, positive and planned. Want to know how to train yourself to thrive through change? Read the full article on the Smart Company website to get you […]

Executive Style: How to find a job when you’re still unemployed

Between jobs for longer than you expected? Seeing the weeks stretch into months can be disconcerting and depressing – and in a less-than-buoyant employment market, it’s an experience more Australians are becoming familiar with. So what are the secrets to keeping despondency and desperation at bay while you get yourself back in the game? Read […]

L&D Professional: Why multitasking is a fallacy

Everyone loves to believe that they are brilliant at multitasking. However, the sad reality is that it’s a myth because when you multitask your attention is broken. Want to know more? Head over to the Learning and Development Professional website. — Everyone loves to believe that they are brilliant at multitasking, said Michelle Gibbings, founder of […]

Women’s Agenda: Change is constant: How to train yourself to thrive with it

It’s critical to build the skills and techniques to make change work for you.  If you are unprepared you are less to be able to adapt and thrive. And statistics show that businesses that can’t adapt eventually go bankrupt or shut down. Successful change requires you to be purposeful, positive and planned. Want to know more […]

L&D Professional: Leadership lessons from Malcolm Turnbull’s campaign

Since Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister, there’s widespread belief that he curtailed or buried his views and ideas.  He lost his voice and authenticity as he tried to appease both sides of the political divide. The same thing happens to people in the corporate world. In their effort to build relationships and build an internal […]

L&D Professional: Three tips to make change work for you

If you are unprepared for change, you are less to be able to adapt and thrive. Successful change requires you to be purposeful, positive and planned. The Learning and Development Professional shared my three tips to making change work for you. — If you are unprepared for change, you are less to be able to adapt […]

The Hip Pocket: Why business owners need to stop being busy and make change happen

The world is changing, and faster than it ever has before. A 2016 report by the CSIRO and the Australian Computer Society, Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled workforce, predicts that nearly half of the jobs in Australia are at risk of computerisation and automation. As a business owner, if you’re not focused on how you need to […]

Modern Business: Why influence is a team game

People want to feel they are making progress on work that matters, and that their manager ‘has their back’.  If their manager is powerless to influence outcomes, this impacts the team’s morale. My full article was featured in the July edition of the Modern Business magazine. — The respected former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove, once […]

Inside Small Business: A seven-step guide to a boosting your work skills

It’s a cliché to say the world is changing – it always has and always will change. In order to thrive through change you need to keep your skills relevant, and continuously refine and adapt your working style. If you want to boost your skills at work, read the July edition of Inside Small Business who […]

Women’s Agenda: How to steal back time by empowering those around you

A 2012 McKinsey Global Institute report found that the average office worker spends 61% of their working week writing emails, searching for information and communicating internally. While US data, which is easily extrapolated into the Australian context, found that professionals lose approximately 31 hours a month participating in unproductive meetings. At the same time, leaders are […]

L&D Professional: Does your leadership lack influence?

The former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove, once said: “Just as you would not permit a fellow employee to steal a piece of office equipment, you shouldn’t let anyone walk away with the time of his fellow managers.” In organisations this happens every day, and it’s made worse for a leader if their team members […]

LG Professional: Increasing your influence at work and navigating change – can they be done at the same time?

In an increasingly complex environment, where practitioners are often asked to do more with less, it’s not hard to become frustrated or unsure of where your career is heading. Without influence it’s hard to get traction and grow your career. The solution – learn to influence. The Local Government Professional shared some of my techniques for you […]

Professional Planner: Mastering the art of making better decisions

To get things done – and done well – you need to make good decisions. So if you want to step up and be more influential, it’s time to master the art of decision making. The Professional Planner website shared my 10 tips to mastering the art of making better decisions. — You make decisions […]

Elite Agent: Digital disruption – A 5-step personal skills audit

It’s a cliché to say the world is changing. It has and also will. What’s indisputable is that the pace of change is unprecedented. To stay ahead you need to learn with purpose by looking forward and determining what skills you need in the future. The best starting point is to conduct a personal skills […]

Gloss Magazine: Successful leaders know how to influence

Despite advances in technology, organisations today are more, not less complex. Leaders are expected to deliver more results, in a faster timeframe and with less resources. If you want to make progress happen and thrive through change, you have to be able to influence. You can read the full article in this month’s edition of Gloss Magazine. […]