HR Director: The secret to mastering ‘organisational transformation’

Michelle provided her insights on organisational transformation featured in this article in HR Director. Now, more than ever, HRDs play a critical role in helping to shape an organisation’s approach to transformation Technology is changing all aspects of how people work and live, with the inevitable result being constant and rapid change in the workplace, […]

Chief of staff: Why following your passion is bad career advice

Michelle wrote an article for Chief of Staff Magazine discussing why following your passion isn’t the best advice. It’s been one of those days, where your work as a EA just doesn’t seem to work anymore. It may be because your boss is getting increasingly difficult to work with. Perhaps your colleagues are driving you […]

Insurance Business Australia: Curious Leadership

Rather than having all the answers, good leadership is all about the art of asking the right questions, writes Michelle Gibbings in the Insurance Business Australia magazine.  In todays fast-paced world, there’s often an expectation that leaders need to have the answers at their fingertips, that’s it’s not OK to say “I don’t know” […]

Australian Leadership Project: The richness of Australia’s cultural diversity – Michelle Gibbings on Australian Leadership and her Optimism.

Victor Perton from the Australian Leadership Project caught up with Michelle to talk about Australian Leadership and her optimism. Victor Perton: Michelle, what’s your favourite story of a boss or a leader you have had? Michelle Gibbings: Early in my career and when I had only recently taken on a leadership role, my manager shared […]

10 Daily: Is there right way to sign off your emails?

10 Daily asked Michelle to decode one of the most confusing parts of a workplace — how are you supposed to sign off your emails? Does ‘regards’ feel too formal? And then ‘cheers’ doesn’t quite feel formal enough? Is it ever okay to end your emails with an ‘x’? Well, according to career expert Michelle […]

Daily Mail: Do you deserve a pay rise? How to check if you’re being underpaid – and why you MUST confront your boss face-to-face

In this article featured in the Daily Mail, Michelle reveals the simple way to see if you are being underpaid by your boss – and then how to negotiate what you’re worth. Speaking to Today on Tuesday, Michelle stressed the importance of knowing the going rate for your job before broaching the difficult topic of […]

Governance Directions: How to make stronger leadership decisions in 2019

Leaders are required to make decisions every day, and in a world that is constantly changing and increasingly complex making good decisions is harder than ever. There are competing priorities, multiple perspectives, a myriad of stakeholders, and conflicting demands when balancing short and longer-term interests. Offering some techniques to help you open your decision making […]

Money & Life: Tips to make this year the best one

Let go, ditch the expectations and know your principles. These are the three tips to making this year the best one that Michelle wrote about in her article featured on the Money & Life website. Making New Year resolutions are one thing. Actually sticking to them is an entirely different matter altogether. Here are some […] Townsville among easiest places to enter Aussie property market

In this article featured in, Michelle offers her suggestions on how to set up and make money from a successful side hustle/hobby. Townsville’s median house price is about six times the median local income, putting its first home buyers ahead of most Aussies trying to get a foot onto the property ladder. This figure […]

Mums at the table: What You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Business

In this article Michelle is featured in for Mums at the Table, Michelle provides guidance (and a checklist) for women who wish to take a career leap and start their own business. LOOKING TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR TIME AND LIFE BY STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS? HERE’S A GUIDE TO HELP YOU CONSIDER CERTAIN THINGS […]

The Mojo Radio: How To Reinvent, Accelerate and Future Proof Your Career

In this podcast, Michelle was interviewed by Gary Bertwistle from the Mojo Radio show about reinventing, accelerating and future proofing your career. The way we work is changing. The rise of freelancing and the gig economy means flexibility and independence, but it also means living with less security. Or does it? While you can’t future-proof […]

Women’s Health: Here’s Why Following Your Passion Is Bad Career Advice

In this article that appears in Women’s Health, Michelle points out three things why following your passion may be bad career advice. One of the most popular career quotes is, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ Quotes like this suggest that having an awesome […]

Spark Magazine: Why being busy doesn’t equal being productive

The Summer 2018-2019 edition of Spark Magazine featured Michelle’s article that explores why being busy doesn’t always mean you are productive. Despite results from the 2016 census highlighting that the length of the working week for most Australians hasn’t increased since 2011, many workers feel pressed for time and in a constant state of ‘busy-ness’. […]

Spark Magazine: Are you outsourcing your change leadership?

The Summer 2018-2019 edition of Spark Magazine featured Michelle’s article about outsourcing change leadership. Everywhere you look, change is on the horizon. Change that is driven from both internal and external drivers, including regulation, consumer expectations, market forces, technology, new board members or a new CEO. These drivers are changing not just the ‘what’ people […]

Spark Magazine: Are you leading from the front?

In this article from the Summer 2018-2019 edition of Spark Magazine, Michelle suggests three ways you can become an effective leader. From Facebook’s privacy breaches, the Theranos scandal, Uber’s failure to deal with sexual harassment, Equifax’s data breaches, Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, and the stories coming from the Banking Royal Commission, failures are everywhere. Whilst the […]

10 Daily: Meghan Markle Loses A Third Staffer After Her Female Bodyguard Resigns

Michelle is quoted in this article in relation to why a lot of people, at the same organisation, quit their job at the same time. This article was originally published in 10 Daily. Michelle also wrote about this topic in another article for 10 Daily, read it here. Another one bites the dust as the Duchess’ female bodyguard — who hustled her out of a market in Fiji after […]