AIST SuperTalk newsroom: Is your decision making ready for the future?

The complexity of decision-making increases as a leader moves into more senior roles, says Michelle in a recent article featured on the AIST SuperTalk newsroom website. At the start of 2018, in Seattle (USA), Amazon’s store of the future opened for the first time. There are no checkouts, queues or check-out operators. But you do […]

seek learning: How to negotiate study with your boss

Michelle was recently featured in this article on the seek learning website talking about how to negotiate study with your boss. Asking a manager for time to study can be daunting, but what if a course will help build your career? Here’s how to negotiate study with your boss. You’re thinking about studying, but you still […]

Thrive Global: Happy Leaders Equate to Happy Teams

In a recent article featured on the Thrive Global website, Michelle says that “the happier you are, the more likely you are to experience success.“ “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim of human existence.” – Aristotle Who is a leader? · Is it the CEO of the company, or […]

CEO Magazine: Don’t let social media derail your career

In a recent article Michelle wrote for the CEO Magazine, she talks about how to prevent social media from derailing your career. When five federal election candidates were dumped for offensive social media posts earlier this year it was a timely reminder of the damage that a poorly managed social media profile can do to […]

Institute of Managers and Leaders: How to leverage skills from all ages to create an optimum workforce.

As organisations grapple with more complex decisions and an ever-increasing pace of change, building a workforce equipped with the skills and experience to thrive in this environment is critical; says Michelle in an article she wrote featured on the IML website. Finding this depth and breadth of talent requires leaders to build a diverse workforce, […]

Mortgage Professionals Australia: Why a happy workplace matters

No matter how much you love your job, even if you’re the boss, there will be moments when you wish you could just clock out early and escape the day’s worries; writes Michelle in a recent article featured on the MPA website. “It’s unrealistic to believe it’s possible to love every minute of your working […]

PS News: Change gang: How to cope with changes at work

Change is a fact of modern workplace life says Michelle in a recent article featured on the PS News website. You don’t see it coming. The new boss; your role being made redundant; your project being cancelled; a major workplace change; or some other form of change that is unexpected. Change can be hard, and it’s […]

SmartCompany: How to help employees beat the winter blues

Michelle recently wrote an article featured on the SmartCompany website talking about how leaders can help their team beat the winter blues. A range of studies have found the weather impacts how we feel, think and act, so in the winter months when it’s darker, wetter and more gloomy, it can be easy for motivation levels to […]

INSIDE HR: 10 steps to successfully influencing more in your HR role

HR professionals need to seek to understand themselves, others and the organisational system in which they are working in order to improve their influencing skills writes Michelle in a recent article on the INSIDE HR website. Technology is driving a wave of change so great that the World Economic Forum has dubbed it the fourth […]

IIDM: The Importance Of Volunteering As Part Of Team Development

In her article featured on the IIDM website, Michelle talks about the importance of volunteering as part of team development. Developing and sustaining effective team dynamics requires effort and focus, and team volunteering can play a part in helping to build those dynamics. Essentially teams are brought together to get things done, with the logic […]

Body and Soul: Do you suffer from work hangovers? Here’s what you need to know

Michelle recently featured in this article on the Body and Soul website talking about list-making and how it comes in handy when setting your intentions on what you want to achieve for the day. They can make you sleep-deprived, anxious and unproductive, just like a real hangover. You get home from work and log back […]

Strategic CFO: Five warning signs your leadership is failing (and what to do about it)

Michelle recently wrote an article featured in Strategic Leadership looking at the five warning signs that leaders need to be aware of when it comes to their leadership effectiveness; and what they can do about it. Click here to read the article. Source of concern: Does it matter where a good idea comes from?

In a recent article featured in, Michelle says people who automatically shut out the opinions of those they dislike may be cutting themselves off from a valuable source of information. As the world becomes more complex, the need for dialogue, understanding and the willingness to check assumptions and listen to points of view you disagree […]

Vet Practice: Client retention: how to hang on to existing clients

The quest to attract new clients can sometimes overshadow the importance of client retention, but not paying attention to retention can come at a significant cost. Written by John Burfitt and featured in Vet Practice, Michelle offers her expert opinion on why you should never take your clients for granted. One of the wisest adages […]