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ARF: Five tips on asking for a pay rise in a pandemic

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In these unusual times, it may be hard to ask for a pay rise. In this article written by Natasha Boddy for the Australian Financial Review, Michelle provides suggestions on how to do this during a pandemic. Asking for a pay rise can be a difficult conversation at the best of times, but the coronavirus […]

WYZA: Starting over. Again.

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In this article written by John Burfitt for WYZA, Michelle offers her thoughts about starting your career over again and how to seek fresh job and career opportunities. Surviving a career crisis is a matter of learning how to put all the building blocks back together again. Just because the current job market seems to […]

Inside HR: Managing your workforce in a post-lockdown world

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With COVID-19 has come challenge and opportunity for workplaces, and as you look into the future what do you want to leave behind and carry forward in terms of how you work? Read more in this article Michelle wrote for Inside HR. Leadership matters no matter the working environment – be it the office or […]

Institute of Managers and Leaders: Why it’s time to shift your perspective

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As 2020 comes to an end, Michelle explains – in this article for the Institute of Managers and Leaders – why now is a good time to challenge your perspective. The year 2020 is one many will be happy to forget, however, before saying ‘good riddance’ to the year that was it is useful to […]

Women’s Agenda: Got a bad boss? You’re not alone. Michelle Gibbings wants to change that

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Michelle highlights, in this article written by Angela Priestley for Women’s Agenda, that there are bad bosses everywhere. Michelle says: “People don’t approach me for coaching or mentoring help because they’re finding the work too hard. They come to me and say I am struggling with the relationships at work.” Change is possible… read on. […]

The Daily Telegraph: Prove your worth

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In this article written by Melanie Burgess for the Careers section of The Saturday Telegraph, Michelle offers her thoughts on how to prove your worth when seeking a promotion or role in a new organisation. Michelle highlights the importance of keeping track of your achievements and how to maintain your portfolio or work. Workers must […]

CFO Australia: Why caring, compassion and commitment are vital qualities for CFOs

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Michelle shares her thoughts – in this article for CFO Australia – why caring and compassion are vital qualities CFOs should adopt. Leadership and decision making go hand in hand, and as technology changes how we live and work and the rate of change accelerates, the nature of those decisions and how to lead can […]

Nest Egg: Workplace changes in 2021: Are you ready?

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2020 was a certainly a year like never before and in this article for Nest Egg, Michelle writes about the changes that are coming to the workplace. Are you ready for these changes? 2020 was a year like no other, with businesses adapting and workplaces changing in a manner and speed never seen before. So, […]

In The Black: Performance reviews: The art of feedback

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In this article written by Nicole Heath for In The Black, Michelle shares her advice on how to navigate performance appraisals in this time of change. Performance reviews, difficult at the best of times, pose a distinct challenge for organisations adapting to the “new normal” of a pandemic. Two workplace experts offer advice about how […]

What words are changing for you?

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Earlier this week, the Macquarie Dictionary announced their word of the year, with the winning word being the one that’s most effectively captured the ethos, mood and focus of 2020. This year, it was doomscrolling. If are you wondering what that means, you aren’t alone. It’s a noun, and defined as the “practice of continuing to […]

Human Resources NZ: Want better output? Then focus on the safety of your team

In this article for Human Resources NZ, Michelle writes that when leaders think about ways to motivate their teams, safety isn’t something that would typically top the list of considerations, yet it plays a crucial role. When leaders think about ways to motivate their teams, safety isn’t something that would typically top the list of […]

IIDM: Why It’s Important To Take Ownership For The Way You Lead Your Team

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In this article for International Institute of Directors and Managers, Michelle explains why leaders need to own the way they lead their team. From Facebook’s privacy breaches, the Theranos scandal, Uber’s initial failure to deal with sexual harassment, Equifax’s data breaches, Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, the examples exposed at last year’s Australian Banking Royal Commission there […]

CEOWorld Magazine: Putting the ‘we’ before the ‘me.’

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Do you prefer to work alone or with a team? In this article for CEOWorld Magazine, Michelle discusses how to approach this question when asked in a job interview or a workplace. Would you prefer to work alone or as part of a team? It’s a question people are often asked in a job interview. […]

psnews.com.au: Bad Boss Book Review

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Michelle’s new book Bad Boss has been reviewed by Rama Gaind of psnews.com.au. Read Rama’s review below. Gibbings is right when she claims Bad Boss is for anyone who is in — or who is keen to avoid — a negative workplace environment characterised by ineffective leadership. It’s sometimes difficult to realise, but bad bosses […]

Essential Kids: The top five first jobs that set kids up for career success

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In this article for Essential Kids, Michelle outlines five ways your child can land their first job. Your child’s first job is often a stepping stone to their next one, and so the most important thing is for them to get their foot in the door. Usually, securing their first role is the hardest as […]

Yahoo Finance: A guide to upskilling over the summer break

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Michelle suggests to use the summer break to upskill. In this article for Yahoo Finance, Michelle explains how to do this. Summer evokes images of sun, sand, surf and fun; however, it is also the perfect time to learn new skills and upgrade your existing skillset to ready your career for 2021. As the world […]

WHO Magazine: The introvert’s guide to working from home

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In this article for WHO Magazine are Michelle’s tips for introvert’s working from home – Struggling to make yourself heard on Zoom? We’ve got you covered. As 2020 comes to a close, it’s clear that working from home is likely to become the new normal for many of us moving forward. And while there are […]

Canadian Mortgage Professional: How to build a more diverse team

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As featured in this article for Canadian Mortgage Professional, Michelle discusses the steps in how to build a more diverse team. AS ORGANIZATIONS grapple with more complex decisions and an ever­ increasing pace of change, building a work­force equipped with the skills and experience to thrive in such an environment is critical. Finding this depth […]

Q Magazine: 7 bad habits that drive your boss crazy & how to turn them around

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In this article for Q Magazine, Michelle suggests that there are seven bad habits that drive your boss crazy & how to turn them around. We’ve all worked for one, or perhaps you are working for one now – the boss who makes your working life day hell. Perhaps you judged them to be ineffective, […]