Podcast: Stepping up in your career - Michelle Gibbings

shutterstock_291515036From technical expert to leader – such a common journey across organisations and industries. A specialist who performs well in their job can find themselves being promoted and in a position to influence the work of many. But, as any person that’s been in that position will tell you, being technically brilliant  does not necessarily equip you for a leadership role.

I spoke with Team Guru on my new book Step up: How to build your influence at work. In the book I ask the critical questions around the journey to go from ‘doer’ to influencer. In the podcast, we discussed many of the common challenges  so many of us face as we take that decisive leap in our professional journey. We also touched on the common traps for new leaders – how to plot a thoughtful and deliberate cause that will allow them to rise above the noise at work and be noticed whilst still fostering trust and respect from the people around them.

If you’re stepping up in your career, planning your next move, making the leap from technical expert to leader and influencer then this is the episode (podcast) for you.