Career Leap: How to Reinvent and Liberate Your Career (API) - Michelle Gibbings
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“Career Leap is a great leap forward for anyone navigating work in the 21st century”

Bernard Salt

Career Leap - How to reinvent and liberate your career

About the Book

How would it feel to know that you had in your hands all the tools and techniques to land a new career – whenever you wanted it?

With the increasing use of automation and artificial intelligence and the rise of freelancing and the gig economy comes enormous workplace change and flexibility, but also less security. You cannot future-proof your job, but you can future-proof your career.

Career Leap shows you what you need to know, how you need to change and how you can prepare for the inevitable tides of change.

This book sheds light on the choices you make, and the steps you can take to reignite, reshape and liberate your career.

In Career Leap, career expert Michelle Gibbings walks you through the 10-step Career Reinvention Cycle to help you assess the status quo and determine where you need to go, and then gives you a solid framework for making a move when the time is right.

Having worked with hundreds of people to accelerate their career success you too can learn the inside secrets to:

  • Future-proof your career with the new laws for success
  • Undertake a health check of your career and make deliberate career choices
  • Design, build, and execute your influence and career strategy
  • Be equipped to take control and leap ahead with your career

About the Author

Michelle is a career and change leadership expert and author of Step Up: How to build your influence at work. She has a distinguished reputation across the Asia-Pacific region as a keynote speaker, adviser, facilitator and executive mentor for many leading edge corporates and global organisations. Michelle’s work is focused on getting employees and leaders fit for the future of work. Learn more.


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What people are saying

“Career Leap by Michelle Gibbings is an outstanding guide for leaders and individuals to draw their own map to leap up, out or across to expanded or radically different career paths as the future of work in Australia rapidly changes from emergent technologies.”

Anne Bennett – Executive General Manager, NAB

Warning… If you aren’t looking for a new career yet, by the end of Michelle’s wonderful book you just might be! She packs the pages with tools and inspiration that will have you seeing your own potential. You will be excited, energised and equipped for your next career move.”

Kieran Flanagan – Co-Founder, The Impossible Institute

“Taking the Leap is something many ponder, dream about, fantasise over and procrastinate on for months or years. Sadly, some miss the opportunity by allowing it to build into something bigger than it needs to be. I’m the type of person that often takes the Leap and then does the thinking, Michelle’s book has given me fantastic insights into what can be defining moments and decisions in our life. If you’re considering taking the Leap, stop and read Michelle’s book first. I’ll think about my next Career Leap differently now having read the book.”

Peter Baines OAM – Founder and Managing Director, Hands Group

“Pablo Picasso’s famous quote comes to mind, ‘Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist’. Jam packed full of provocative thinking, actions and ideas, Career Leap by Michelle Gibbings does just that. It also shares anecdotes and personal insights of those that have gone before and taken the leap, giving us real-life examples of what IS possible. A must read for all, no matter age or stage of life.”

Dr Jess Murphy – Founder of Pathway to Your Potential experiential programs and self-confessed Career Leapist

“In the uncertain world that is the new world of work, Michelle has given us a really practical and wise handbook full of clarity, optimism and inspiration. She deftly combines some of the most useful models from diverse research fields, with personal insights and powerful stories from professionals who’ve excelled at career transitions. Best of all, she provides a practical and accessible step-by-step guide to help you leap with confidence into your new career.”

Professor Richard Hall – Deputy Dean, Leadership and Executive Education, Monash Business School

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