Building your career advisory board - Michelle Gibbings

Building you career advisory boardCareer success is never a solo venture. Logically we all know that, but often we don’t pay enough attention to who we need to have alongside us, supporting, encouraging and challenging our career steps.

Your Career Advisory Board are core people in your network, who will help you throughout your career. They will provide advice, share insights, constructively challenge your thinking and actions, and provide connections and ideas.

They are particularly helpful as you embark on a Career Leap.

Who is on your Advisory Board will change over time, as your and their needs and circumstances change. This means you will review its composition and how it is working at least once a year.

This guide will step you through the key elements to consider as you construct, manage and review your Career Advisory Board.

Here’s to your career success. So, let’s get going, download the guide today. Enjoy!