Step up and build your career by having more impact

igniting-matchTo step up and build your career, you need to know how to have impact and make progress.

A critical part of this is building a profile and having a strong stakeholder network where you are known for something, respected and have people willing to speak for you.

When people are hiring for a role they want to ensure the “fit” is right. That is, that the person aligns with the organisation’s culture and the recruiting leader is comfortable the person will work well in the team. This comfort is elevated if a person comes with strong recommendations and referrals.

So, securing a job is not just about applying for it and having the right technical skills. A large part of it comes down to a person’s network and having people who are willing to advocate for them.

So, how do you have more impact? Read my full article shared to Public Sector News where I share my top 10 tips to bolster your impact.