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Professionals considering a career change this year are advised to discuss with their manager potential role changes before jumping ship, Financial Review reports.

Leah Lambert, career coach and founder of Relaunch Me, reveals that professionals often skip this crucial step and begin looking for a new role before attempting to adjust to an existing one. They assume that nothing will change without these open conversations. This means that when someone quits, the manager is surprised,” he explains.

The coach ensures that it is possible for professionals to reshape their roles so that they spend more time on work that energizes them or builds on their strengths. This process is known as ‘formatting jobs’.

Preparing for that meeting with the manager is key. “Take some time to record what you would like to keep from your current job and what you need to change. Perhaps a conversation with your manager will help you reach an agreement and compromise, which is undoubtedly a step in the right direction,” he advises.

Six questions

Victoria Mills, executive coach and founder of Online Business Hello Coach, advises professionals looking to change jobs to ask themselves six questions:

  • Do I feel accomplished in my role?
  • Am I inspired?
  • Is there a clear career path for me?
  • Do I feel I am adding value to the organization and being valued at the same time?
  • Does my employer offer learning and development opportunities to help me grow?
  • Do I feel I am getting adequate compensation?

If the professional answers “yes” to at least four of the six questions above, the professional recommends that no decisions be made. However, if you answered “no” to any of them, suggest talking to your manager, and promoting open communication practices.

Michelle Gibbings, author of “Career Leap” and “Bad Boss,” reveals that the start of a new year is always a good time for employees to take stock of their jobs. Professionals should ask themselves if their work environment has brought out the best in them, and if the answer is no, is it possible to improve the situation.

The threat of automation

To analyze the environment in the workplace, ask yourself if there is room for improvement and if it is possible to talk to your manager.

Employees should also consider whether their role is vulnerable to automation and technological disruption, Michelle Gibbings adds. This way, they can see if they need to acquire new skills or explore alternative career paths.

It is equally important that the job aligns with the employee’s values, as studies show that lack of honesty on the job leads to psychological distress.

“Another thing to consider is personal circumstances, because sometimes these changes, and they can lead to wanting a different role or work environment,” Gibbings concludes, “You can’t separate life from career—the two go hand in hand.” Hand in hand. Therefore, when we make professional decisions, we must be able to do so in the context of what is happening in our lives.”

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