Are Your Skills About to Expire?

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If someone were to tell you that in less than five years your skills would be 50% less relevant than they are today, would you believe them? Well, you should because that’s the prediction. It’s suggested that the ‘half-life’ for skills, in general, is around 5 years, while for technical fields it’s more like 2.5 years. The […]

Seeking Influence? Always Think Long Term

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Political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli wrote his most famous work, “The Prince,” in the 16th century. There were wars between states and foreign powers. Famous Italian families, such as the Medici’s, rose in power and were then exiled. It was a tumultuous time in Italian history. Niccolò Machiavelli’s quotes are legendary. Here are just a few: […]

CEOWorld Magazine: Why Sustainable leadership is the Key to long-term success

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Thanks to CEOWorld Magazine, Michelle shares insights on sustainable leadership and long-term success. Organisational success in an era of global challenges requires leaders to embrace a sustainable leadership approach, focusing on outcomes that balance current needs with long-term objectives. Striking this balance is challenging but imperative. A PWC report found that nearly 40% of global CEOS thought […]

Why Talking About Feelings at Work Matters

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Recently, the world’s favourite furry red monster, Elmo, asked the internet if everyone was doing okay. In the post, which racked up millions of views, many people said they weren’t okay. They were depressed, sad, and broke, while some were doing okay. It was the whole gamut of emotions. In true Elmo style, he responded, “Wow! Elmo […]

Limitless Leaders Podcast: Create A Healthy Workplace – You Can Make A Difference

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Thanks to the wonderful Renée Giarrusso and her Limitless Leaders Podcast for inviting Michelle to discuss how organisations can create successful workplaces. Helping leaders, teams, and organisations create successful workplaces, where people thrive and progress is accelerated, is the mission of our podcast guest, Michelle Gibbings. Michelle is a workplace expert, the award-winning author of […]

Choose Your Reading Adventure

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You might remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series from childhood. In the books, the reader makes choices that determine the primary character’s actions and, consequently, the outcome of the story. It was hugely popular and was considered by many educators as a great way to encourage learning. The readers had a choice in where the […]

Fast Company: 6 Ways Great Leaders Step Up in the Moment to Inspire Their Teams

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Thanks to Fast Company, in this article, Michelle observes that every time there is a change, you need to reassess the team’s dynamics and discuss and agree on the principles of how to work together. The lingering impact of COVID-19 on working relationships continues, along with shifts in societal trends, both of which have implications […]