She Defined: How to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

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Thanks to She Defined, here are Michelle’s five tips to stand out in today’s competitive job market.  In today’s competitive job market, mid-career professionals often find themselves in a challenging position. With a wealth of experience under their belt, they are more than entry-level but may be overlooked for more senior roles. So, as a […]

Fast Company: A 7-point Strategy for Leaders to Approach Any Ethical Challenges

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Taking the right approach to ethical challenges benefits your leadership, drives innovation, and creates a more sustainable platform for your organization to grow.  Thanks to Fast Company, Michelle shares her 7-point strategy for leaders.  Ethical challenges will arise in any business as leaders confront uncertainty, complexity, and new decisions as technology, particularly generative AI, changes […]

Bsale: 5 Strategies for Thriving in a Fast-Paced Workplace

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Thanks to Bsale, in the article Michelle shares five useful tips on how to thrive in a fast-paced workplace. In today’s dynamic business landscape, Chiefs of Staff are pivotal players, navigating the whirlwind of organisational change, juggling multiple responsibilities, and making critical decisions. At the same time, there are increasing challenges at work, with the […]

Leader’s Digest: Is Your Leadership on Auto-Pilot?

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Thanks to Leader’s Digest, Michelle explains how leaders often rely on their familiar strategies, using a ‘go-to’ approach they believe has worked before. This can put their leadership on auto-pilot, leading to surprises when things don’t go as planned. Many years ago, when I was travelling in the US, I came across the story of […]

Are You Willing to Discard Long-Held Beliefs and Understanding?

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A crucial aspect of having a long and successful career is continuous learning. Learning new skills is one thing, but what do you do when the learning requires you to discard long-held beliefs, data or an understanding of how things are? Throughout our lives, we amass pieces of information and data, forming knowledge, views, and […]

HR Leader: A multigenerational workforce can be a real asset – if leaders create chemistry

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Organisations often look at generational differences as a roadblock to business outcomes, when in reality, it can lead to innovation and collaboration, boosting overall productivity. In this article for HR Leader and thanks to Kace O’Neill, Michelle explains more…. The generational diversity in the workplace is the highest it’s ever been, with four generations of Australians now regularly working […]

Are You Falling Into the Simplexity Trap?

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In the 2024 Accenture Life Trends report, they report that more than 40 per cent of frequent technology users said that technology has complicated their lives. In response, consumers are doing such things as setting screen time limits, blocking notifications and removing apps. It’s a great reminder that we crave simplicity. While our brain can do […]

Executive PA Media: Dealing with a “Bad Boss” – words with Michelle Gibbings

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Thanks to Executive PA Media, AECOM Executive Assistant, Naomi Spinks has a conversation with “Bad Boss” author, Michelle Gibbings. What are the different types of bosses and how do we identify them? Comfortable with getting uncomfortable, Michelle is at the forefront of creating workplace success by helping people embrace the unknown and fall in love […]

Is Your Culture Hindering Progress?

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According to PWC’s annual Global CEO survey, 45% of CEOs believe their organisation won’t be viable in ten years if they stay on their current path. The pressure to keep up, perform, outperform and reinvent what you do and how you do it is never-ending. In this race to succeed, it’s imperative to consider whether your […]