Author of Step Up - How to build Your Influence at Work -Michelle Gibbings

Michelle’s highly anticipated book ‘Step Up – How to Build your influence at work’ is being released in early 2016.

This book is for people who struggle in complex environments.  They may be more technically focused or new to an organisation and know they need more skills if they want to advance and be successful.

Do you struggle to rise above the noise at work?  Do you struggle to get traction and secure sustainable change and outcomes? Do you find it hard to negotiate outcomes with people more senior than you?

If you want to make the most out of changing circumstances and gain greater traction at work, you need to be able to influence.  You need to be able to step up, and into your power.

This is your inner sense of power that comes with the confidence of knowing that you have the skills you need to be successful and to hold your own with your peers and those more senior than you.

Praise for ‘Step Up’

“Michelle Gibbings has written an excellent book which deserves a wide audience….Her personal insights and ideas will inspire all of those who wish to advance their careers and indeed their lives.”

Elizabeth Proust AO, company director and former banking executive

“Step Up packs a hefty punch: a book providing the opportunity for anyone, anywhere to forge ahead on tough 21st-century challenges – personal or organisational.”

Richard Dent OAM, CEO of Leadership Victoria

“Crucial to a successful career, and to an extent life, is the ability to influence others. Michelle Gibbings has written an easy-to-read and practical guide to building your influencing skills.”

Helen Silver AO, corporate senior executive and former Secretary of the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet

“Authentic, practical and insightful…. a must-read for anyone in business, information technology and the public sector wishing to engage their careers in today’s agile and innovative economy.”

Russell Yardley, Chairman of Readify, Folk and Tesserent and Director of Wunderman-Bienalto and VGPB

“… essential guidance for aspiring and current leaders.”

Carlo Cataldo, Chief Risk Officer, ME Bank



If you want to be more influential, and move beyond the technical pre-order your copy of ‘Step Up’ here.

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