Air Asia: Future proofing careers - Michelle Gibbings

In this book review, featured in the Air Asia Magazine, Michelle asks the question, “how do we future-proof our career?”.

The way we work is rapidly changing, says careers expert Michelle Gibbings in Career Leap: How to Reinvent and Liberae your Career. “It’s mainly thanks to technology,” she says. “We’re already seeing robots dispensing prescription drugs, researching case law and analysing insurance claims.” According to Gibbings, the 2017 McKinsey Global Institute Report found that almost half of today’s work activities can potentially be automated.

So, how do we future-proof our career? “These days, careers are fluid, flexible and organic – they take a degree of reinvention. People need to be adaptable, ready to continuously learn and be prepared to take charge of their career development.”

Automating repetitive, mundane tasks frees people to follow more creative and caring based pursuits that computers just can’t do.

“Consequently, creative thinking, problem solving, and using social and emotional capabilities will be crucial skills to have in the future.”