AFR: Career Tip - Michelle Gibbings

Michelle was invited by The Australian Financial Review to provide a career tip of the week. This week Michelle comments on how not to let working remotely kill the culture of your team.

Remote working is here to stay, so leaders must try to establish and maintain a healthy culture that adapts to this new working world, says workplace expert Michelle Gibbings, author of Bad Boss.

“Don’t assume that you should pay less attention to the team’s dynamics because the team is working remotely. On the contrary, it requires more care and attention,” she says.

Gibbings also recommends agreeing, as a team, on how you will communicate and what types of methods and when. She also advises making time to build one-on-one relationships with all team members.

“Create shared purpose,” she says. “The most effective teams have a shared purpose, where each person knows the role they play in bringing that purpose to life.”

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