Client Case Study - Michelle Gibbings


Leading Global Service provider


To move the team from focusing on individual needs to collective needs, and to increase the effectiveness, the focus on delivery and the accountability of the team to better meet or exceed stakeholder expectations.


A bespoke executive development program that focused on individual and team development.  This included:

  • Quarterly team workshops which were focused on team development, strategic issues and capability uplift
  • Selected training modules to elevate the team’s capability in critical development areas
  • Development of individual business assignments that were relevant to the leader’s team and workplace
  • Each team member participating in leadership 360 diagnostic assessment
  • Targeted 1:1 coaching for leaders, following the 360-degree feedback process, over an extended time period


The overall cohesion, collaboration and effectiveness of the team improved. Each individual leader moved from seeing themselves as separate and needing to work independently in their stream to achieve results, to a position where they (and their direct reports) had an integrated view of the function and were able to achieve results better collectively – than individually. The team had clarity on vision, purpose and their agenda for the 12 months, and agreed ways of working. Tangible and quantifiable results ensued such as a fast close, better quarterly forecasting and several profit improvement projects delivering millions of dollars to the bottom line.

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