About Michelle - Michelle Gibbings

Comfortable with getting uncomfortable, Michelle is at the forefront of creating workplace success by helping people embrace the unknown and fall in love with change.

Her key to cultivating thriving workplaces is working with people through three lenses: as an individual, a leader, and in their wider role (and influence) within their organisation. Tapping into each of these facets, she brings self-awareness to the forefront, empowering people to work with those around them in a way that is productive, healthy and happy.

With every industry, market or sector facing disruption, we are living in a time of unprecedented change. Now more than ever, organisations need leaders at every level, inspiring progress by harnessing the energy and capability of their people. No matter the organisational system, Michelle can equip people with personal insights and a practical toolkit so they take pragmatic and purposeful steps needed to identify, harness and leverage unseen opportunities.

It’s not rocket science - grow your people, accelerate your progress and elevate your organisation’s success. When people are at their best, it inspires those around them to do the same. Harnessed together, this translates to profitable and beneficial outcomes for all. Michelle takes this growth mindset concept to heart, speaking passionately and prominently about better ways to lead, work and motivate. She’s in high demand as an innovative keynote speaker, advisor and executive mentor of choice, working with leading corporations and global organisations.

Amidst competing priorities, shifting regulatory landscapes and customer demands, advances in technology and complex internal structures, teams and organisations are sometimes unable to focus clearly on their vision, purpose and mission. Michelle’s leadership development programs and expert facilitation can help to sharpen your outlook, so you remain cool, calm and collected when dealing with the challenges of today and bold, brave and balanced in the face of future disruption.

With her PhD underway, Michelle also holds Undergraduate Degrees in Communications and Commerce, a Masters in International Trade, Certification by the International Federation of Compliance Associations, and Chartered Manager status. She also finds time to give that little bit extra – regularly featuring and writing for major national publications and media outlets.

When not running her own successful practice or managing her predictably mischievous pup, Barney, Michelle supports a range of volunteer organisations and finds time to venture to hidden, exotic pockets of the planet with her husband and best friend, Craig.

Find out more about Michelle here or connect on LinkedIn here.

Get value, no matter what your position…


Working with global organisations, Michelle helps manage the complexity of optimising organisational decisions and outcomes. She delivers sustainable results by building the in-house capability and capacity to lead in ambiguous, changing times and ultimately create a workplace culture where people thrive and great things happen.


Building lasting connections, cohesion, purpose and values within teams, Michelle creates an innovative, courageous and trust-based working environment in which people excel.


Supporting and guiding leaders, Michelle elevates them to new levels of leadership capability and effectiveness so they can secure accelerated progress and meaningful success in their careers and life.


Working one-on-one, Michelle builds the courage to help people make wise and congruent choices whilst enhancing competencies in critical future-ready skills, including decision making, change leadership, negotiation and influence.

How does she work?

Michelle works with her clients with:



Every relationship is based on trust, credibility and reliability; delivering results that delight Michelle’s clients.



Passionately dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organisations reach their peak performance outcomes.



Michelle focuses on drawing out the positive, with a practical, forward focussed and empowered approach.



Every client engagement is tailored to each client’s specific needs. Everyone is different and so there’s no ‘cookie-cutter’ method applied.


Learning Mindset

Learning is fundamental to renewal and growth and so Michelle stays at the forefront of knowledge and practice in her field.