FINSIA: 60 seconds with Michelle Gibbings - Michelle Gibbings

I had the privilege of speaking with FINSIA who asked me how I would describe what I actually do to a friend at a BBQ plus other thought-provoking questions.

You can find out more about me on the FINSIA InFinance website.

We’ve read your title, now tell us how you would describe what you ACTUALLY do to a friend at a BBQ?

I help people, teams and organisations make more progress in complex, changing environments.  I do this through mentoring, facilitating team sessions and decision-making processes, and delivering a range of capability programs on areas such as how to influence, negotiate and manage change.

What’s the biggest factor that’s shaping your industry right now?

The financial services sector has gone through constant change, and this won’t change.   What’s different now is the rate and pace of the change, and the complexity because of the blurring of traditional boundaries due to technological disruption.

What led you to pursue your career path in the first place and can you remember where and when the light bulb came on?

I’ve always loved being challenged and learning new things.  Throughout my career in financial services I was able to feed that interest by moving into different roles.  Opening my own business was a natural extension of that interest and a desire to help people navigate a world that is constantly changing.

To what extent have your career goals changed/remained the same?

I never had the 5 – 10 year career plan.  My career philosophy was based on the premise that as long I was learning, being challenged, enjoying the work and progressing then I was on the right path. This hasn’t changed.

What is the one thing you would have done differently in hindsight getting to where you are now?

It’s important to broaden early and to have lots of different experiences, and so I consider myself very fortunate with regard to my career.  In my early career, it would have been good to have a spent more time working overseas.

Who is your most influential or inspirational professional influence and why?

Elizabeth Proust.  I worked with her when I was at ANZ.  I was a manager and she was on the Executive Leadership team.  She always had time for me and provided incredible advice and support.  She exemplifies values-based leadership.