Public News Service: Career Leap: How to Reinvent and Liberate Your Career

Public News Service says, “Gibbings highlights that opportunities will pass you by if you don’t assess where you are now in your career, be an architect on where you want to leap to, activate how you get there and accelerate how you leap successfully. She constructively draws on the experience of notables, extracting research evidence […]

In The Black: Considering a career change? Plan carefully.

The days of having a step-by-step career in one organisation are past, and new models of work are emerging. Changes once seen as radical are no longer seen as unusual, but to make them work takes planning, awareness and self-organisation. Read more at In The Black how I outline how to make a career leap.

Queensland Times: Key to landing yourself a $100k job

Many people dream of having a high-paying job that will take them away from the routine of the everyday working week and put more money in their pocket. My article, which originally appeared on the Queensland Times (QT) website, identifies some keys to landing a $100k job. You can read it here. — MANY people […] How to land a $100k job

You might think it’s beyond your reach, but there are plenty of high-paying careers out there. My article, which first appeared on the website, identifies six tips will help you land that high-paying job. — MANY people dream of having a high-paying job that will take them away from the routine of the everyday […]

MamaMia: Five tips on turning your hobby into a cash machine – without leaving your day job

A ‘side business’, ‘side hustle’ or ‘moonlighting’ is effectively what I call the ‘dual track’ approach to making a career leap. It means staying in your current role, whilst having a business on the side. My article “Five tips on turning your hobby into a cash machine – with leaving your day job”, originally appeared […]

Women’s Health – 8 things to keep in mind when asking for a pay rise

Asking for a pay rise can be terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be. My article originally appeared in Women’s Health.   Asking for a pay rise is something most people dread. However, when you shy away from negotiating you are walking away from lots of potential upsides: increased pay, more flexible working hours and […]

MamaMia: Four ways to deal with a horrible boss – that don’t involve quitting on the spot

This article originally appeared on the MamaMia website.   Dealing with a bad boss is not about getting even, but getting savvy about how you manage it. Here are four critical tips. Understand what’s driving their behaviour Seek to understand what’s driving their behaviour, and whether this behaviour is consistent or out of character. There’s […]

The Educator: Curious Leadership

Rather than having all the answers, good leadership is the art of asking the right questions. This article first appeared in The Educator magazine – you can read the entire article here. — In today’s fast-paced world, there’s often an expectation that leaders need to have the answers at their fingertips, that’s it’s not OK to […]

Business Women Media: It’s time to disrupt yourself

My article “It’s time to disrupt yourself” first appeared on the Business Women Media website.  The rules of work have changed and to stay in the game you need to know how to adapt to them and, at times, break them. In the past, the rules of the game were fixed. They were set by […]

Dynamic Business: Let’s talk … flexible work

Along with more than a dozen other business leaders, I contributed to an article about flexible work and what businesses must consider when implementing flexible work models to their organisation.  The article originally appeared on the Dynamic Business website, here. Since the inception of the World Wide Web in 1991, technology, business and daily life […]

LinkedIn: Presentation Skills – what the best presenters do!

Having the ability to effectively communicate and connect to one or many people at a time is an invaluable skill. For some people, it comes naturally and others not so, but everyone still needs to practice. I was delighted to contribute to this articleby Gabriella Horak of What’s Your Edge, about presentation tips from people […]

AFR BOSS: Advice for amping up

It was a privilege to coach Renate Vogt, General Manager of CitiPower and Powercor. Helping her navigate through her new role on an executive level has been a rewarding experience. This article originally appeared in The Australian Financial Review – read on to find out exactly how I helped Renate in stepping up… Michelle Gibbings was an executive in […]

The Australian: Diversity matters in decision making

This article titled “Diversity matters in decision making” originally appeared in The Australian. Developing the next generation of leaders is listed as the top issue for chief executives in global resources consultancy DDI’s CEO Challenges: Global Leadership Forecast 2018. Leaders increasingly are being asked to grapple with complex problems for which there is no one […]

Woman’s Day: 10 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

It’s no secret that how we work is changing – there is more flexibility and remote connectivity. Yet most of us are still unprepared for what it all means for us because we’re still encouraged to think of our careers as entering a workforce and exploring a few roles in search of something that keeps […]

TODAY: Supercharge your career

Workplaces are constantly changing and in order to stay in the game, it’s important to supercharge your knowledge. I spoke with Karl and Georgie on TODAY this week and shared some tips for getting that promotion or pay rise, and how in order to stay in the game, it’s important to get comfortable with career […]

Book Review: Blue Wolf Reviews

Delighted that my book “Career Leap: how to reinvent and liberate your career” has been reviewed – this review originally appeared on the Blue Wolf Reviews website. You can read it here. Career leap : how to reinvent and liberate your career REVIEW BY JANET MAWDESLEY APRIL 13, 2018, 9:30 AM Never a truer world […]